Dating Tip #36: Is it ok to date more than one person at the same time?

In Gigi’s life it is either a drought of men, or it is raining men… it is the story of her life. So she thought of a dating question for what is happening to her lately: What do you do when you meet several people whom you like? Do you date more than one? Do you tell them you are dating more than one? Do you pick one, and maybe risk losing one you’d like better?

Here is what our readers said:

From Gigi: I think that it is okay to date more than one person at the same time, as long as you have not had the “Let’s be exclusive” conversation.


From Gigi: And??? Your answer???

From Darius: Gimme a minute! I’m thinking! I’m thinking…

From Gigi: Gees…. no immediate answer for Gigi? Ok…think on it, and get back to me…tick tock.,..tick tock…

From Dianna: He dates them all and don’t tell them about each other cuz it’s not their business until it gets serious with one. (Status stalking…) LOL. J/k. I think dating more than one person at a time is healthy as long as everyone knows you’re dating other people. It’s only sticky if you like several people who know each other. Then you have to be careful and choose.

From Darius: WOW!!!

From Gigi: Is that your answer? Wow? lol

From Darius: Ummm…yeah…pretty much. Its all about communication,can’t mix signals. now if something starts to gety a little bit serious you must be responsible and inform all parties involved.

From Amy: Dating is just getting to know someone… It isn’t an exclusive relationship yet. There’s nothing wrong with dating more than one person while you’re getting to know them. But once it turns exclusive, it’s time to stop.

From Gigi: Define exclusive: Can you sleep with more than one of them? Or is sleeping with them what makes it exclusive?

From Dianna: It’s exclusive when both parties agree it’s exclusive.

From Camille: Yeah, my husband and I are kind of funny about this dating thing. 🙂 But were I single, I have dated more than one person at the same time. Gets complicated though.

From Kerry: Mmmmmm, I like this question… I think we are all on the same page here. Dating is really a matter of getting to know someone… but if you get more seriouse with one of them, its time to give up the others… It would just get complicated if you get seriouse with more than 1 which is easily done. Its a matter of knowing were to stop and where to move on.

From Amy: Yes, in my opinion sleeping with someone makes it exclusive. It’s not only an emotional committment, but there are also health concerns with having more than one partner. Some people may feel differently about this – they might view sex as more recreational rather than a step towards an emotional committment. However, for me, if I were at the stage of sleeping with someone, I’d expect the relationship to be exclusive.

From Kerry: I agree with Amy… Although right now I wouldnt mind a bit of recreational fun. I know a nun who has had more action than me recently!!! ha ha

From Dianna: I wouldn’t sleep with more than one person at a time, but I also know that sex is not solely indicative of a commitment. You can agree on exclusivity before the sex, but sex doesn’t mean instant exclusivity.

From Helena: Nothing wrong with dating more than one as long as everyone is in the know. I met my husband while I was dating another. They knew about each other but never met. I encourage my kids to date lots of people because dating is all about having fun while looking for someone who has the qualities desired in a long term relationship. Keep behavior modest and there really isn’t anything to be jealous, competitive, or resentful about. Once one expresses that deeper feelings are growing, then a choice has to be made.

From Boris: No, you pick one. We’re adults now, not kids.

From Matt: I’d be happy to just meet one person I’d actually like to date.

From Brie: Unless you’ve had the “exclusive talk” with someone….go be merry.

From Dianna: When you just date one person, if that’s not the RIGHT person, you waste a lot of precious time. I see no harm in getting to know a few at a time. It’s not indecision but maximizing your choices for the final decision.

From Le’Ro: Yes. Just be upfront and forward with what you want.

From Rachel: When I was in my 20’s I did it.. just be honest with people. I always held two rules… never sleep with more than one person per day, and always use protection. Those were the days!!

From Ken: Until you become exclusive with one person, it’s ok to date more than one at a time.

From Tim: It depends on various factors, but for the most part…no.

From Shari: Yes, as long as it’s not serious, it’s ok to date more than one, but not to sleep with more than one.

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