Book Review #9: Complete Manual of Positions

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  • November 7, 2010 at 1:39 am

One of Sassy’s newest pleasures is reviewing sex books. If dating is research for Gigi and Helen, then these reviews are research for Sassy’s sex life… and the day she finds a man who will stay, he will a very happy man at all the research she has done, not to mention her new library of sex books, sex games, sex movies, and over 80 sex toys!! Finding the things to review and research has been easy. Learning from them is fun. Finding a man to experiment with? Not so easy!! But at least for now, Sassy has something to keep her mind and hands busy…

Sassy has reviewed quite a few products from The Adult Toy Shoppe. In fact, the very first toy reviewed here came from this wonderful website, and since then Sassy has reviewed four of their products, and this newest sex book is her fifth. Sassy has reviewed 9 sex books to date, and I think that this one, “The Complete Guide to Sexual Positions” by Jessica Stewart, is going to be one of her favorites. It is very tastefully displayed, with real photos of a couple demonstrating many different lovemaking positions, from basic ones to advanced ones. This might not be the kind of book to leave on your coffee table, although Sassy must admit she did just that when her sweetie came to visit her the other night. He took one look at the book, looked at Sassy in her red lingerie, took her by the hand, and they went upstairs to see how many of the positions they could imitate in just one night.

The photos make it very easy to replicate the movements, and the instructions are very clear. There is nothing degrading or wrong about this book. Sex is amazing, and any book that helps you improve your sex life is a welcome addition to your personal library, at least in Sassy’s mind. The positions range from standing ones, kneeling ones, sitting and squatting ones, and positions both on and off furniture. It gives you hints on how to give oral sex, and even how to introduce anal sex into your love life, or how to improve it if you already enjoy this aspect of sex.

Learning about sexual positions is not something that most people feel comfortable about asking each other, not wanting to sound inexperienced or overly kinky. Sex books, therefore, are an amazing way to teach yourself how to try something new in the bedroom. The best thing in my opinion would be for a woman to read it first, and then pass the book to her partner. Then they could pick interesting positions to try out together, or do what Sassy hopes to do with her new man Coco, start on page one and work their way through to the very last page. Coco is as sex obsessed as Sassy is, and their first all nighter was quite amazing. They didn’t need a book that night, though they did use some of Sassy’s toys. However, Sassy thinks that reading the book together, and copying each position would involve many fun and amazing nights together… In fact, she is emailing her thoughts to him as she writes this review… what do you think Coco? Wanna come and help Sassy out in her reviews?

Sassy highly recommends this book… in fact, I need to stop writing because Coco is on his way right now… and we fully intend on seeing how far into the book we can get in one night… I’ll update this after he leaves some time tomorrow morning, and I can move enough to type :-p

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Complete Manual of Sexual Positions

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