Long Distance Relationship #12: Visits

Gigi’s favorite long distance couple will always be Leroy and Angel… soon destined to no longer be apart, since Leroy is moving to where his Angel lives… Now THAT is true love: changing your life completely around to be with the one you love. Leroy must be the most romantic man that Gigi has ever known… and his Angel loves the things that he writes for her. Both Leroy and Angel were very sweet to Gigi, when her own long distance thing sizzled…not because of her, but because of Jean-Claude, who ironically enough went to school in Spain with Leroy and Angel. Leroy told Gigi that she is worth so much more than having a man who is cruel and disappears without a word… and that helped Gigi move on. For all you long distance lovers out there, here are Leroy’s sweet words to his Angel.

From Angel: If you have had the joy of being able to see each other in person and it is time to go back home…… Leroy and I have found a way to sneak a little something into each other’s suitcase as a surprise when the one returning home unpacks. The first time I left him a cute pair of pink and black polka dot panties…….and after he left my place I found……A frickin’ huge bag of peanut m&m’s….coulda strangled him for that because I ate them all!! (we both seem to have an urge to eat those together for some reason).

When you do get to see each other do something really memorable…..when I went to visit Leroy in August I came off of the plane wearing a shirt I had made up especially for him (very embarrassing with some of the looks I got when I had to go to the bathroom on the plane but well worth it when Leroy saw it)…..it was a baseball type shirt ….white with red sleeves and I had printed on it in big red bold lettering…. “Je t’aime Leroy”……..I think when we were waiting for my luggage to come off the carousel and we could not stop hugging and kissing each other that everyone now knew who Leroy was…..I then sprayed this shirt with perfume when I was leaving and pinned it up on his wall as a reminder.

From Leroy:

Gigi, when I saw her at the terminal, she had her back turned away from me, but my heart was beating so fast and I had a little tear coming out my eye… because I would be with the most amazing, outstanding, beautiful , wonderful, sexiest, charming, caring woman I have ever met.

She makes me cry with joy every time I see her. and I had to contain myself when she turned around and I saw her baseball shirt. Gigi I am not a man that cries or shows much emotions usually, but on that day, dear lord help me, because I was about to cry a river. She makes me so happy and makes me feel wonderful. She brings so much joy and happiness to me and everybody that surrounds her and on that wonderful day, everybody knew that I was Leroy and they could see that I was so very very much in love with Angel.

Her suitcase might have gone around the conveyor a few times… I don’t really know, but I had my love, my one, my all, in her most romantic shirt, in my arms and that’s all that really mattered to me because I live and love for her, to be with her, to hold and care for her, to support her, to fight for and with her, to make her coffee, cook for her, clean and wash with her…

Gigi I want to everything for her and most importantly be with her
I cannot see myself without her by my side or have my life without her
She is my one, my all…. I am one of the few lucky men that has the priviledge of having someone so so special, beautiful and amazing in his life and no day goes by that I don’t thank the lord… and I should also thank her mom and dad for having and raising her the way she is… I don’t ever want her to change. She is pure perfection.

Every time she calls me or I call her on video chat, my heart is racing and when I finally get to see her, I can only say WOW
It may not be a hello or hi, but all I can do is smile as I see her and say wow… every time she takes my breath away… my mind goes wow and my brain is stuck on wow… also I might look like a dumbass… but that’s the effect she has on me every time and always did even while on vacation as soon as I woke up and saw her WOW


Thank you for hearing me out Gigi… I just want the world to know that I am in love and so happy that I have Angel back in my life

Take really good care Gigi and thank you for your blog
I wish you all the best

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