Success Story #36: Elena and Jaime

Sometimes finding a success story to write about is not the easiest thing for Gigi. She has friends breaking up left and right. They meet somebody, and then it doesn’t work out. They are together for a while, and something goes wrong. It seems harder and harder to make things work. But some people do make it work out. They stick through the bad, to get back to the good. And that is what makes for a good relationship… to not give in right away.

Gigi has written about many of her relatives, and those of her ex-husband. They seem to fare better in relationships than Gigi does. Gigi has written about her aunts, her mom’s sisters. They were both married for years to men they loved until they died. Gigi’s cousin has also been married to the same man forever. Elena and Jaime have been married for over 20 years, and she is the exact same age as Gigi: 44. Elena was born two days after Gigi.

Elena had a rocky teenage life. Gigi was the shy cousin. Elena was the wilder one. She calmed down as an adult though, and married young. Gigi was still dating when Elena and Jaime had their first son. They later had a daughter. Gigi loved Jaime from the minute she met him. He is a funny, hard working man, and has taken great care of Elena, their kids, and their business: a gardening center. He has always struck Gigi as a great husband.

Gigi remembers talking to her cousin about 6 years ago, and Elena confided in her that there had been a rocky point in their marriage. Elena had been depressed, unhappy, and had thought about leaving Jaime. Yet she stuck it out, went to counseling, and now, years later, is still with Jaime, and he was there to help her through the bad times: the death of her brother and later, the death of her father. Together, Elena and Jaime even help take care of Gigi’s mom, who lives in Spain near them.

A successful marriage is about trying to make things work out, and not running away when things get tough. People are brought together for many reasons, and they should try and remember these reasons when they are tempted to just give up. The grass is not always greener on the other side, and sometimes it can be worse.

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