Favorite Romantic Place #36: Anywhere tropical

I’ll have myself a vacation like the one shown above please… with or without massage oil!! Ana’s choice for a romantic place again is one of Gigi’s favorite: anywhere tropical, with lots of massage oil and a hot man! Gigi has not had this kind of vacation in way too long. She is planning one as soon as she can get away… certainly by Christmas. Gigi needs to GET AWAY!! Life is really sucking these days, with bitchy bosses, lying Norwegian men, money issues, mother issues… OMG… She simply needs that beach, that oil, that hot man, and lots of mojitos.

She is going to Miami beach come rain or come shine this Christmas, with or without her girl friends… She has a friend down there that she can stay with, and she will simply lying in the sun, get a tan, forget her worries, and find herself a hot Cuban man… preferably NOT the one she ran into a few years ago, who was just a Cuban version of her lying Norwegian man.

Gigi and Brie are both footloose and fancy free these days, and although they have never met each other in person, they know that they are similar enough to guarantee an amazing vacation together… and lately they’ve been talking about taking a “laycation” together. At first, Gigi wasn’t certain about this, since she considered herself to be in a relationship. However, now that she is single, a laycation is just what she needs… so Brie, start saving those pennies and come meet me in Miami this Christmas.

Normally on these blogs, Gigi posts photos of the places being visited. Today her thoughts are on hot men, and finding herself one… just to have fun with and forget all her worries… and of course, for more research!! Brie… take me away!! Now maybe we won’t find men as hot as these… but maybe we can come pretty darn close. Lots of mojitos for Gigi and lots of Grey Goose for Brie, and some more for the men, and who knows what could happen…

Our laycation cannot come too soon for Gigi!! Meanwhile, she is using these photos as her new laptop screen savers… Au revoir/hejdo Jean-Claude, hello hot stuff!!

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  1. alicia

    i will take one of each!

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