Guest Writer #19: “Sweetest Day” by Dimonique Boyd

Hello Blog Fans!

I don’t know how it is where you’re from, but in certain parts of the Midwest, we have this evil little holiday called Sweetest Day. “What is Sweetest Day?” you ask? Well, the real definition/purpose of the day is debatable. Rumor has it that Sweetest Day is a holiday focused on the man, but let’s be serious-all a man wants for a man-made holiday is to watch the game in peace and quiet, or get some head while watching the game in peace and quiet-yes, a man told me this.

I googled “Sweetest Day” one year, and it showed that it was a holiday not just for lovers, but for friends and family that you cared about, but no one really wants to do that. At the end of the day, Sweetest Day is Valentine’s Day , Jr. Yes, one more day set aside to taunt the singles.

When I was a part-time student assistant, I would purposely take the Friday before Sweetest Day (which is always the third Saturday of October) off work so I wouldn’t have to see everyone else get their roses and such. Now that I’m a full-time employee, I just take my lumps and sign for the packages. However, on the day OF Sweetest Day, I try to find any way possible to keep my mind off of it.

I used to think that maybe I’d catch a movie by myself or go to dinner with some girlfriends, but do you know who likes to have dinner and a movie on Sweetest Day? COUPLES. Couples with roses and balloons and hugging and kissing and…moving on…

One thing that has worked SPLENDIDLY for me over the past few years is that I lock myself in the house with whatever meal or snacks I want and I watch scary movies. You can’t watch network television because all of the commercials will be for Lover’s Lane or Priscilla’s, and all the movies will be romances. If you want to live dangerously, go ahead and plan a schedule of cable movies. I did that once and ran across a really good one with Leonardo DiCaprio that I hadn’t seen. I think it was called, “The Island”…

Now, if you don’t want to spend the day completely alone, call over some single girlfriends and have a nice little house party or Girls’ Night In. Play some board games, sing some karaoke, watch those movies you were going to watch by yourself, do some mani-pedis on each other-or hire a nail tech who does housecalls. You can always plan a pamper party with a masseuse, poets, magicians, whatever entertainment you want. If you can’t have a good time out, plan a good time IN!

Whatever you do, don’t beat yourself up for not having a special someone with whom to spend the day. Remember that most of the men who are out and about with their ladies are NOT having fun and would rather be at home scratching their balls. Know that YOU are someone special with or without a partner to validate that…and good God, just get THROUGH it. I’m with you…

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