Love Games #5: A Hot Affair

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  • October 16, 2010 at 1:29 am

Sex toys and books and games. Lions and tigers and bears!! Oh my. Sassy’s bedroom used to be full of clothes and shoes, and now it is overflowing with sex toys, and sex books, and sex games. love games It is a veritable trove of treasures, a garden of eden of toys. Sassy cannot wait for her man to stop by, so they play eeny meeny miny mo with all her toys, and pick some good ones to play with.

Tabutoys.comis quickly becoming one of her favorite sex toys suppliers, first sending her toys, then books, and now games. So much to review, so little time to do it all!! Sassy thinks that sex games can be a great way to connect with your partner and have some real fun in bed.

The title of the game says it all: A Hot Affair. How titillating and exciting is that? Can’t you just imagine you and your partner on a bed of silken sheets, some rose petals strewn around, candles, and music, and a whole night of hot sex, following the explicit instructions on the cards you draw? Sassy can. Sassy plans on playing this as soon as she can get her man into her bed… of course, they normally don’t need any accessories to make their lovemaking better… They can spend hours together in bed. Yet Sassy thinks that this game could being them even closer.

The game consists of a board, game pieces and dice, and as you fall on certain parts of the board, you have to do what it tells you. Some of the commands are to kiss, eat something sexy together, slowly strip for each other, massage each other, or pay close attention to each other’s erogenous zones.

There are also four sets of cards: intimate, passionate, steamy, and fantasy. These cards have instructions for him and for her like:

  • Initimate: Talk about a moment when he made you go “all weak in the knees” or What should she leave on if she were to strip for you
  • Passionate: Take his thumb in your mouth and show him what he can look forward to later, or pour some liqueur into her navel and scoop it out with your tongue
  • Steamy: Torture him with kisses from top to bottom, bypassing his penis, and then slowly back up and simply breathing over it, or tease her slowly all over with a feather
  • Fantasy: Make love in a public restroom or tie up your partner and tease them mercilessly

Sassy gets all hot and bothered just reading these cards, picturing all that she and her man could get into to…

Click below to get yours:

A Hot Affair

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