Book Review #7: Touch me there

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  • October 16, 2010 at 2:29 am

In the past few weeks, Sassy has reviewed quite a few different types of sex books: books on sexual positions, books on sex toys, books giving women tips on how to entice, seduce, and please men, and to be honest, she has learned quite a few things that she did not know before. Oh the knowledge to be found within the covers of a good book!!

Now, thanks to Sassy gets to read and review a sex book on finding a woman’s and a man’s orgasmic hot spots. There are chapters dedicated to each area, and Sassy plans on reading it page by page, line by line, word by word, until she learns a few more unknown secrets on how to entice her man.

Toys are fun to play with. But a man? Mmmm… so much more fun. Sassy loves the power of having her hands and mouth on a man, and seeing that what she does to him drives him crazy. Likewise she loves it when his attention is on her, and his ultimate aim is to please her.

Sassy has a man who can spend hours in bed with her, enticing her. He absolutely loves to try new things, and has admitted to her that she has allowed him to do things to her that he has never done with any other woman. How sensual and exciting is that? Sassy plans on seeing what else is in this book for them to try together. The pages on using sex toys on each other sounds promising…

He actually asked about her sex toys the other day in bed together, but Sassy wanted him too badly (after over more than two months of not having seen him) to want to use toys at that very minute. Next time though? Toys it will be!! Maybe even the sex toy that she originally was saving for someone else who has now disappeared from her life.

I truly think that using toys, games, and anything gleaned from books can only make your relationship stronger and better, and best of all, more exciting and passionate.

“Touch me there” is written by Yvonne Fulbright, a sex educator and sexologist, and she says in the very first pages that she wanted to write a book that would “cover all the body’s hot spots, not just the ones people are most familiar with.” She says that there are more sensitive areas than just the genitals, and Sassy agrees. She has discovered some on her own, and learned others thanks to this book.

There are chapters on yoga, tantric centers, chakras, acupressure, and reflexology. This book combines so many different ways of getting to know your body and its needs. There are pictures on positions on how to reach of all of these different spots. It explores every part of their genitals, as well as other parts of their bodies.

The last book that Sassy reviewed for was filled with advice for women from a gay men. This one has advice for men and women from a sex doctor… Could anyone get any better advice? how about finding out that there is more than a g-spot? There is also the a-spot, the f-spot, the u-spot, and the p-spot? What are these spots you might question?

Click below to get your book, and find out where all these other spots are:

Touch me there

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