Nightmare Date #35: Too much too soon

Kelly sometimes has the same terrible luck that Gigi and Helen have in dating. She tries just as hard as they do, gives men chances, goes out on lots of blind dates, trying to find that gem among men, only finding trolls and toads. Sadly, even Gigi’s Jean-Claude is developing toad-like symptoms, and might soon be featured in his own nightmare date. Gigi just knew he was too good to be true… and she hopes he reads this soon.

At least Kelly, Gigi, and Helen manage to entertain each other after their nightmare dates go awry. One of Kelly’s last dates was one such moment. I cannot even think of his name at the moment… Gigi can barely keep track of her men, let alone her friends’.

Kelly met him on, and they had one date. She liked it and him enough to give him another chance, but the red flags began waving merrily very quickly.

Mr. Too Much Too Soon began complaining that Kelly had no time for him, and worked too much and that he’d just known she wasn’t serious about seeing him. Really? He didn’t get that a home care nurse is very busy driving to see her many patients, and might not be able to simply drop everything and run to be by his side at a moment’s notice!!

They’d had a date for the weekend, which is when Kelly prefers to go out. In the middle of the week, he asked her to meet him, and got upset when she said she simply couldn’t… that she was too tired from working. he complained, and whined, and bitched and moaned… worse than a girl!!

Kelly sent him a text very soon after, telling him that she was cancelling their weekend date, and was simply not interested in seeing him again. She thought this would send him the message that she was no longer interested in him, but he was one of those people who simply cannot let go.

I think he was also a tad delusional, because he said he was upset about how their “relationship” had ended. He actually used that word after just one date. Kelly blatantly told him that she was not comfortable with him, that he pressured her too much. He just would not quit, asking her to let him make it up to her, insisting that everyone deserved a second chance.

For over a week, he sent her countless texts, asking her for another chance. He was amazed that she was not giving him a second chance, even mentioned how he talked about Kelly to his sister, and then asking Kelly if she thought he should stop trying to convince her… really? You think?

So it is not just women who go slightly nuts on being abandoned… now I fully understand the frustration when someone you’ve really had a relationship with just suddenly turns their back on you (Oh Jean-Claude), but to do this after just one date? Too much. Too soon. Bye bye baby!!

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