Favorite Romantic Movie #35: Angel and Leroy’s choice

I am writing this blog with tears running down my face… tears of laughter, not sadness. While Angel was visiting Leroy, they made the funniest video ever and posted it on youtube (I’ve asked for her permission to add a link here, and if she accepts, I will update later). It is a video of her upside down face, only shown two eyes drawn on her chin and her mouth. They talk and Leroy feeds her cheesecake. The movements her mouth makes and the things she said had me laughing till my stomach hurt and I do not know how Leroy contained himself long enough to talk and tape.

Seeing this video is just more proof of how much they love each other, and how much fun they have on those special trips when they go to see each other across the country. No wonder they are so madly in love and perfect together. We should all have this much fun with the one we love!!

  • The one we created ourselves – it’s currently being featured on my wall and on Leroy’s – It’s called “Pearl eats dessert” staring Moi and directed by Leroy

Leroy and Angel gave me their permission to post the link to their video, so here it is… prepare to laugh yourself silly!!
Angel and Leroy on youtube

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