Long Distance Relationship Advice #7

Here are some things I found that people in long distance relationships do to stay close and in touch, even while apart. Gigi will be doing most, if not all of these with her Jean-Claude soon!! Almost two months together, and still going strong…

We love music, so each time we talk, one person has to sing a song, like (best I ever had, dangerously in love). We talk about all the things we can do when we are together. (how we make love).
—Guest bby pink
L-O-V-E trust respect

When I wake up in the morning, I text him so he knows I’m thinking of him at that moment. We talk to each other every day, before he sleeps at night, he wants me to sing as much as I can until he gets sleepy. He even calls while he is at work… sometimes he’s not allowed to talk to me because he’s on duty, but he still calls, so I can hear the background while he is at work on how he approaches and talks to the clients and customers. We even send short, but sweet text messages to each other all the time like “I love you”, “I miss you”. We also enjoy chatting on yahoo messenger, while using web cams and keep on giving each other praise like “Sweetheart you look good”, “You really have nice lips”. It’s ok if you get naughty with each other online… it’s fun and exciting =’) Sometimes if we have had a misunderstanding, we resolve it right away and discuss every little thing. We never sleep with a broken heart, so communication is a must! We’re so in love and are both excited to see each other soon.
—Guest Sweetheart “tart”

Keep it creative… every week, I make my boyfriend 3 x 2 artist trading card with some memento from our relationship (a secret joke, favorite memory, lines from a movie we watched together, something sweet he said, etc.) and mail it to him with a handwritten note. It’s extra effort and we speak almost every day on the phone, but the extra effort makes him feel special and reminds him that I still care and helps keep us alive
—Guest Monica

I’ve had a 2 year long distance relationship. We use MSN and speak to each other everyday. We send each other text messages before we go to bed at night. He has a projector, so he will turn the webcam round on his computer and we will watch a film together… not quite the same as being there, but close enough! We’re still very much in love with each other after 2 years and if anything, things are stronger. Long distance relationships do work and we’re both very happy with circumstances at the moment… I am looking forward to him selling the business and moving to England though 🙂
—Guest Guest long distance

Miss them
Everytime you miss them, send them a short text like “I miss you, I love you, I am thinking of you”. That way, they will know that they are always on your mind. That will keep the love alive
—Guest david mbewe

Mail them fun stuff!
Mail them a message in a bottle, molds of your favorite body part (could be made out of chocolate or ceramic), postcards with a little note about what you were doing when you found the postcard, etc.
—Guest lisa

ldr tips
We both like to read inspirational and self help books. At bed time, I read a chapter (or as much as I can until she gets sleepy) to her and we discuss as we are reading how we feel about it. She says she enjoys hearing my voice and I enjoy reading to her. Also, she gets up very early on her work days and I call her to give her a nice wake up “Good morning, sweetie” to start her day and mine off right. I do that so she knows that I am thinking of her the moment I wake up in the morning. She says that she loves it, so I will keep doing it.
—Guest jenn

Skype is a must have if you are in a long distance relationship. The video interface makes it easy to schedule dinner dates and feels must more personal than a telephone.

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