Dating Quiz #33: Can you make it work long distance?

For all those of you in a long distance relationship, here is a quiz for you. Gigi is in one, and so far she is rating very well on these quizzes. She should ask Jean-Claude to take the quiz and see how he scores!!

Long Distance quiz

Gigi took the quiz and here is what it said:

Can You Make It Work Long Distance?

You’re a Long-Distance Lover You’re ready for the commitment. You realize the stress of being far away but accept the compromises you’ll have to make in order for your romance to work. Your commitment to him/her is worth your time and you take every chance to be with him/her even for a weekend. Just don’t let him/her take over your life. As much as you may love him/her, you have to be true to yourself first and foremost.

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