Favorite Romantic Vacation Spot #33: Any beach… for adults only

For her romantic vacation spot and meal choice, Rose was not quite as specific as with her other choices. So these blogs will be short and sweet. No pictures. No recipes. None needed. I think that we will all “get” where Rose is coming from…

  • Vacation spot: Anywhere at a beach where you can get “adults only” accommodations. 🙂 Love the kids, but…

Sometimes, I do wish there were places we could do where it would be adults only. I love kids. I have kids. I teach kids. But sometimes I’d like to get away from them all. I remember the cruise I went on years ago with my Canadian boy friend Daniel. It was a cruise for non-smokers… and we joked a lot how we wished it were kid free!! The kids ran wild on the boat, and went to places they should not have been allowed!! Right about now, Gigi would love ti leave all kids behind and run away to Ireland to be with her Jean-Claude, so I totally get where Rose is coming from!!

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