Long Distance Relationship Advice #6: Skype!!

Thank God for skype. It didn’t exist the first time that Gigi had a long distance relationship, one in which she often felt very out of touch with the man she was involved with… not being able to see his face, his emotions, see him as he spoke to her. With skype, long distance relationships can be taken to a whole other level… and I do not just mean being naughty on a web cam. It is more about being able to look into each other’s eyes, see the emotion there, see the smiles and the tears, be able to laugh together, listen to music together, and even amazingly enough, fall asleep together, while separated by an ocean and thousands of miles. It is how Gigi falls deeper and deeper in love with her Jean-Claude, without having seen him in person yet.

Their first few skype sessions were on his friend’s laptop in an Irish pub… then on his room mate’s laptop, in the privacy of their bedroom… and all I will say about this, is OMG the fun you can have on skype with your sweetie!! But Gigi’s favorite parts on skype are very late at night, when her sweet Jean-Claude becomes what Gigi calls mushy… and says things like this to her, while her heart melts into puddles at her feet:

From Jean-Claude: Gabrielle is is my soul mate, the woman I want to marry and have children with. She is my woman. She is the one I fell in love with. I love Gabi/Gigi’s madness, but I fell in love with Gabrielle… because she is intelligent beautiful and caring. You (Gabrielle) have so many positive and beautiful qualities. You have shown me how much you care for me. Gigi is Gabi on paper. She plays out the role of Gabi. You have made her, invented her, and she is naughty. I like that side. Gabi is the one I want to have sex with. Gabrielle is the one I want to make love to.

No one has EVER known Gigi the way he does…or should I say, knows Gabrielle, the real Gigi, the woman she was supposed to be, before too much heart break caused her to hide behind Gabi and then Gigi. Skype can bring you so close to that person who is so far away… as you walk around your home with your laptop, and can see each other doing everything, almost as though you really are together. You can meet on skype after work, and share your days. You can relax on your bed, reading, listening to music, sharing your favorite youtube videos of funny comedy shows that you both love, like Fawlty Towers or Little Britain. You can spend hours taking turns listening to your favorite songs, your favorite lyrics… he can even serenade you with his sexy Norwegian voice… one that can even sing!!

Skype has brought them closer than ever before… continuing what began on facebook, then onto phones and texts, and now has given them a way to share their lives together. Skype makes them happy, and will keep them going until they are living together.

They share their lives together, even though they are so far apart. He falls asleep first since he is 5 hours ahead. Jean-Claude leaves his laptop on, so she can see him sleeping. Then he calls her when he goes off to work, or she calls him if she is still awake… and Gigi can see him getting ready for work. He blows a kiss into the webcam when he leaves… and this morning he left music playing for her, after having woken her up with a love song. Sigh.

Here is what others had to say about ways to keep the long distance love gong strong:

From Jimmy: Phone sex, skype, video conferencing, and a love poem every week, and yesterday an actress on the radio said that if you act like your in love all the time the body will follow suite, so keeping that person in your thoughts with things you do in daily life. It is also important that you are growing in the same direction which is a little harder when you are not experiencing many of the same things regularly and almost impossible if you and yours have not done most of your growing up and becoming who you are to be already.

Gigi is now almost two months later, head over heels in love with her Jean-Claude, who will hopefully be coming for a visit in just a few weeks. One that will probably go way too quickly, but will be worth every minute together and every cent spent. Counting the days baby, counting the days…

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