Top “Ten” #32: What is a true friend

A big part of happy dating is making a real, and true and close friendship. Friendship is for people dating, and of course, there are the friendships that have nothing to do with dating. In both, I think that having a true friendship is one of the most important things in the world. You need to be friends with the one you love, and you need your friends to be true to you and be there for you while you are having dating or relationship issues. Sadly, this doesn’t always happen and friends can let you down, whether you are dating them or whether they are your non sexual friends.

I know that sometimes life happens and that people have troubles of their own. Yet these problems should never stop them for being there for their friends in need. Friends should help each other if they are both having problems at the same time, rather than “abandon” your friend while you deal with your own things. I would NEVER ignore a friend in need, no matter what was going on in my life. I would try to help them, just by being there and talking with them. Hopefully by dealing with it together, we would both get comfort, rather than suffer alone, and feel betrayed or let down by our friend.

From Gigi: True friends are ALWAYS there for you, NEVER let you down, and never say “I told you so.” They should be able to help you at all times, no matter what is going on in their life.

From Brie: It means being happy for someone because they are truly happy…regardless of whether you agree with the choices they’re making.

From Carl: Ask my brothers what color my blood runs, because I’d shed it for them at a moment’s notice. We do say I told you so…. it’s a guy thing.

From Gigi: Yes… We’ve noticed that lately, haven’t we, Brie?

From Andy: I married my truest friend. Lucky for me it was a she 🙂

From Camille: Someone who will tell you what you need to hear, sometimes what you want to hear, and sometimes be able to tell you what you DON’T want to hear in a skillful enough way that you can take it in and consider it from a loving place and person. I don’t believe anyone is always there for you or never lets you down, but you can count on a true friend and trust them more than anyone else. (Carl, sometimes women say “I told you so” too, but only if we can laugh about it later.) And true friends ARE your family; they are the ones who accept the you that you REALLY are.

From Winnie” True friendship is lifelong and can be stronger than family ties. Friends are chosen and are forever.

From Shari: ‎@Camille… I whole heartedly agree but it isn’t always family. Wendy’s comment backs that up & Brie…that can be one of the hardest things to do…but it’s worth it to see them truly happy!

From Rose: Friends are the family you get to pick!

From Boris: A bond within a relationship that requires care and feeding to grow and succeed, and involves understanding, compromise, and sacrifice.

From Ana: So agree with Rose, someone who knows when to scream at you, when to just listen, and will be there unconditionally until the end of time!

From Sam: True friendship is someone that knows everything about you and still likes you

From Camille: Okay, for all the family members who see this. 😉 What I’m saying is that family knows your history and sees and perceives you as a daughter/son/cousin/uncle/aunt/mother/grandmother and your history only within your family, while your friends see who you choose to be out in the world. I do have family members who “get” me, but for the most part, my kindred spirits are my friends (and one family member.)

From Boris: @Camille, I’m less apologetic about it than you 🙂 Friends very rarely take liberties they shouldn’t. Family think they can, and often do. All other things being equal, blood is thicker than water–but that doesn’t mean someone can get away with anything. Why would family ever think about saying or doing something that a friend would NEVER say or do?

From Camille: Well, I have to say that with only a couple of exceptions, I do like all my family members. It’s just a different dynamic with different expectations. I suspect some of my teachers would have expectations, too; my brother was a year ahead of me in school, so I got hand-me-down expectations from the teachers that HE had that I had too.

Not bad for a week’s worth of questions…

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