Success story #32: Anita and Francisco

It seems as though Gigi’s family has had better luck than her in their choice of a marriage partner… such is life!! A few weeks ago, I wrote about my mother’s older sister, and her marriage that was extremely happy and successful until the day her husband died. This week, Gigi wants to tell you about her other aunt Rosalba, her mom’s younger sister, and how happy she was. Sadly both this aunt and her husband are both now dead, but they were together for many many years… from their youth until the dead they died.

Gigi knew her other aunt much better than this aunt. Tia Rosalba would come visit Gigi with her kids a lot more than her tia Anita. The reason is that tia Rosalba had more money to travel with and lived in Madrid, with easier access to planes. Tia Anita and tio Francisco lived at the very top of a rather uninhabitable mountain, a few hours away from Barcelona. His job as a weather forecaster. He had all the instruments at the top of this very tall mountain, and he had to take all the necessary readings, and send them in to the appropriate channels.

They lived a very isolated life together, especially in the early days of their marriage before they had a road that went all the way up to their little house. They would be snowed in for most of the winter, with no way to get down to the nearest town. Gigi has been told that when they would visit their home in the summer, it involved a lot of hiking up the mountain, with her perched on tio Francisco’s back, since he was in better physical shape than her father.

Gigi remembers how happy her aunt and uncle always seemed… living a very quiet and peaceful life together, on this mountain top, with only their three children and a few occasional hikers for company. They even survived living apart for months at a time… when their kids were old enough for school, my aunt would live in the nearest town, and my uncle lived alone on the mountain top, since he still had to take the daily barometric readings.

They were both very quiet, solitary and sweet people, with very even temperaments, unlike Gigi’s more fiery mom and her other sister Rosalba. When tio Francisca retired from his job, one of his sons took over, and he and tia Anita went to live in a small town in the south of Spain, where they lived happily together, until first he passed away and then she did.

If one could picture the perfectly happy couple that probably never ever argued…that would be them. Now Gigi wouldn’t want such a calm marriage…being rather fiery herself, but she would enjoy that happiness and connection that they shared till the very day they were separated by death. They were so close, that they were one of those couples that doesn’t live long once one has gone. My tia soon followed him, and I am sure that they are perfectly happy together now, on some heavenly mountain top.

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