Dating Tips #32: How are men and women different?

How are men and women different? It is an age old question, and one that Gigi is always trying to find out: why do men do the things they do, that are done so differently than the way women do them… Hoping that others might know a secret that she doesn’t know, she asked her friends and readers.

Here is what they had to say:

From Gigi: I think that women tend to be more emotionally attached in relationships than men are. We need more affirmation and confirmation that they are as committed to the relationship as we are. Sometimes it seems as though we are more verbal in expressing our emotions. Men tend to be more physical in their needs. Now Gigi is that rare woman who wants both the emotional and physical attachment…

From Lizzie: Women make sense… sorry, reflex answer.

From Rachel: An easier question would be how aren’t they different? Women are prettier, softer, smoother, and smell better!! Booyah!!

From Kerry: The same way dogs and cats are different 🙂

From Winnie: Ummmmmmmmmmm…….

From Anita: We have innies, they have outties. lol

From Shari: Men are from Mars, women are from Venus….women have a va-jj, men have a penis. Or so I’m’s been a while, can’t remember. Lol. Ok… Here’s one…Women can use all corners of their brains at oncem… Men typically have to stay in one section of their brain then have to move to the next one. So sayith Dr. Oz on Oprah. It was funny because I was having that exact debate with a male when the exact answer in my favor popped up on TV. Loved it!

From Brendan: In the aspect of Cognition, the difference is not caused by gender, but the person’s individual perception of their well being and how their environment feeds (or threatens) this well being.

The rest is palpable in obviousness.

From Kerry: Hey Shari… I remember that on Oprah… Was years ago and he was soooo right. He said that it goes back to when men (back as far as apes) were the hunters while us women were multi tasking in our caves. That the males brain only knew to concentrate on his catch (animal instinct)… anyway, he explained it really in depth and made so much sense…. hence why the mans brain today is still only capable of doing or thinking about one thing at a time. You try and get a man to change a tyre and have a normal conversation at the same time. Its impossible because it isnt actually in their nature to be able to do it. Its interesting stuff. Well, to narrow it down… women are more inelegent. Thats all. lol :).

From Winnie: Women have eyes in the back of their head whereas men have two heads and only use one eye.

From Kerry: Ha ha ha @ Winnie xx

From Andy: True, men are not as good in multitasking. However, they are superb at getting one task done at a time. Also why men can pickup a conversation from dozens going on at a time, while women can’t.

From Kerry: Lol… I have to dessagree with that.. That still goes back to the hunting instinct for men… Women have a conversation with the person who is most interesting to actually have one with. Men have a special radar for the conversation that has something that they are interested in, mostly sex no doubt… and then they stick to that until it gets boring and the radar is activated again (hunting instinct)… Women can pick up on any conversation, but we generally just chose not to.

From Andy: It all goes back to the hunting-gathering days. Men had to be able to concentrate on one task to be able to track and hunt. Women had to develop more of a whole picture perspective to be able to find edible fruits and such. Now the big question really is, did we evolve into these roles or where we preprogrammed and just assumed the roles that we were more suited for.

From Arnie: Women dont know what they want, and at the same time they want the man to know what they want.. 🙂

From Kelly: Hahaha……..question should be, How are they similar?

From Matt: Women want empathy when there’s a problem. Men just want to fix the problem.

From Camille: Just lift ’em up and see. 🙂 Don’t know if I can throw a blanket over men or women, but in my experience men take things entirely at face value in an “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” way, where women look at the big picture and DO interpret what ISN’T being said. I have had entire conversations with people before having had the conversation, to make sure I can have as much influence over the outcome as possible.

A rather good discussion if I say so myself…

6 Comments on Dating Tips #32: How are men and women different?

  1. MD "Dorsal" FINN

    Of course there are many differences……….one I might suggest……….is that men are usually more happy with their own company. Happy to spend some time alone. Happy to be single for periods of time. Happy to be single rather than stay in a relationship they are not enjoying.

  2. MD "Dorsal" FINN

    but why do so many women STAY in unhappy relationships? Is it fear of being on their own? I suppose where I am heading is……..should women focus more on being happy with their own company? I think there is a huge difference between WANTING a man and NEEDING a man……..I can spot ‘NEEDY’ from 250 yards.

    • Gigi Flores

      I think women are afraid of all that they will have to deal with if they are on their own… mostly for financial reasons if they are married and have kids. Personally I do not sty if I am not happy…

  3. MD "Dorsal" FINN

    if you are not happy you leave……….is there a line or a point at which something else (apart from happiness) over rules your decision to leave……………so you stay?

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