Dating Advice #31: Waiting for a proposal

Waiting for your man to propose can be so frustrating… You wonder if he wants to, if he ever will, how long it will take, and sometimes, as the years go by, you wonder if he ever will.

So how long should you wait for him to propose? Does there come a point when you just give up, leave him, and move on? Here’s what our readers think:

From Gigi: I have been in the position of waiting, and all I did was wait… And wait… And wait… More than 6 years… And in the end it was 6 wasted years. I think I would never again wait more than a couple of years. If he hasn’t asked by then, I don’t think he ever will. 

From Helen: Generally, I feel couples should be on the same page. I think after a couple of years, if a proposal hasn’t come and the other person wants something else, then you need to find someone else.

From Susan: Funny question because the woman has no control over when a man proposes! However, love doesn’t understand time or distance so u do it when it’s right for u! Life is too short! If u want something…u go get it!!! 

From Shari: Why can’t she propose? 1000 days is almost 3 years… Moved on by then. :o/

From Winnie: How long should I wait until he proposes? It doesn’t quite make sense. How on earth could I even know IF he IS EVER going to propose? Perhaps you should rephrase: How long should he wait till he proposes to you? The second part of your question makes a little more sense although I have known couples that have been together for over 10 years and then got married. Why should there even be a time limit?

From Mike: Guess you don’t want the male perspective.

From Danielle: In this day and age, we don’t have time to wait for one specific gender to propose.  I ended up asking my husband to get married.  Wonder how long he “waited” for me to ask…….  🙂

From Shari: I agree Danielle.  How long were you together before you asked him? 
@Ian..that’s pretty cool! I should reword my reply…I would have asked him way before 3yrs if I thought the relationship was that strong. If I didn’t then I would have moved on by then.

From Ian: Shari, imagine this: I celebrated 40 birthdays telling all of my friends I would never get married… and suddenly with only one phone-call with my to-be-wife, all changes and I never regretted it, not once!

From Ian: Good question… too late for a proposal would be the day “hope” dies.
Hope in the sense that the woman hoped for a proposal. With my wife it was easy, we knew we were going to get married, we knew we´d have a baby and we knew what the baby´s name would be before we even “met”!

From Shari: @Ian..that’s amazing..she must be pretty special.

From Ian: Shari, she´s perfect… nicest, most loyal, most social, loving and beautiful creature on earth… I didn´t have to give up anything, it´s the opposite. I earned a lifetime of dreams when I met my wife!

From Arnie: Ummm propose? For what? :p just jk..
Btw good question… 🙂

From Joanna: 1000 day rule… if he has not proposed by then he is not going to or maybe shouldn’t. 

From Belinda: It depends…I am working toward that now and we have been together a month and half…

From Rachel: 4 Years is shit or get off the pot time!

From Dionne: That all depends on the couple…

From Colby: Marriage is overrated and outdated!

From Camille: Wait 3 years unless one of you is in school or has a sick family member. 

From Brendan: Until the unstable structure* within comes toppling down.
* Not taking ownership for what you have control over. As well as deriving your happiness from externalities, such as a relationship.

From Boris: ‎3 years.

I think almost everyone agrees here… If he hasn’t asked in a few years, then he probably won’t… 

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  1. Whatever

    2 years 2 months still nothing boring excuse “when I’m ready” we don’t live together I refuse before marriage!!!!!! I doubt it will happen but he said he will and be patient I told him I don’t trust anyone I’ve been hurt so badly…trust me I’m not clingy I’m the opposite getting bored of the relationship!

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