Top “Ten” #31: What are the top things you first notice about someone

What do you look at first when you meet someone for the first time? What attracts you the most? Is it his face, his body? What turns you on or off?

We asked our readers, and here is what they had to say:

From Gigi: I always look at his eyes and mouth first, and what he looks like when he smiles (love my Jean-Claude’s green eyes and beautiful mouth!!).

From Jean-Claude: Small nose, color of eyes (brown), hair…everything …a combination… (Hmmmmm… No wonder he likes Gigi’s type!!).

From Jenna: Face

From Brie: Smile 😉

From Boris: Legs are the bottom things. boobs are the top things.

From Ricardo: Do we really ever know or is it just chemistry?

From Gracia: ‎1) Face 2) body 3) hands

From Boris: Hands are highly underrated 🙂 Now that my double entendre reply is over, I’ll give my real reply. we take in a lot, quickly, so it’s hard to say what’s first. but most important, overall, face.

From Hannah: Their eyes it is the window to their soul, as well as their smile!!!

From Shari: I had to think about this one… The eye’s, smile & tush I will register as attractive or not..but I’ve learned not to trust a pretty face. Their personality, vibe & appearance tell me more so are higher on the list. So I’ll have to go with those. I do like beautiful eyes & a great smile but only if they are on a person with the right personality etc.. To me a gorgeous guy with the wrong personality makes them ugly.

From Hannah: I agree but eyes generally do not lie, if you look in my eyes you know immediatley how I am feeling and that is how I choose people, there is definently a vibe involved in that though and it is about the body language as well and how a person presents themselves. It is a package deal. I also love beautiful bums, but there is the whoe person like you said.

From Shari: If we were just talking visual preferences then I’d have to say smile,eyes,tush & hands.

From Hannah: What is with the hands thing??????

From Matt: Hair, Smile, figure.

From Shari: When a man takes care of his hands it says good things about him. They don’t have to be manacured or any of that..just kept nice. But it also has to do with the way he gestures with them etc.. Plus as a side point..soft is much prefered to scratchy. Lol.

From Jenna: ‎2nd would be his teeth

From Andy: They did a study where they lined up a bunch of guys and had a group of girls rate them. They overwhelmingly picked the tall handsome guy. Then they brought in another group of girls. Except they told them lies about the guy’s incomes. The girls overwhelmingly picked the short bald guy with the highest income. Looks like at least now we know what women look for.

From Gigi: Andy!! How cynical and so not true… some of us fall for personality and not looks or money…

From Andy: True. I didn’t say every girl went for money. But think about it, almost every woman lists sense of humor in their top 5 most attractive attributes. But if that were really true, comedians would have women up the wazoo 🙂

From Brendan:The way a woman can make a banquet* simply from simple things.
* Simply being real.  And if the banquet fails, oh well, back to McD’s kiddie meal of tits, ass, hair, face, legs, ankles, perfect symmetry between left and right knees and ear lobe length et al- the makings of a recipe for exhaustion.

From Boris: ‎@Hannah, Shari spoke to the male aspect of the hands thing… as to the women’s aspect, hands have a wide range of femininity and appeal to the opposite sex. Sitting across the table from someone, the things you notice the most (by movement) are faces and hands, so they’re very prominent in non-verbal communication as well as possible appeal factor. This is why they have “hand models,” to maximize sales potential of something. I notice and remember a great pair of hands just as much as I do a great pair of boobs 🙂 I can pretty much tell you all the girls I know that have great hands, and what is uniquely special about them. Ditto the ones with the worst hands, especially with the nails gnawed down to nubs. Unfortunately, it’s one of those attributes you can’t always dress up, compared to other areas (boobjob, hairdo, designer shoes, etc.). You can put a $200 pair of nails on a girl with “manhands” and she just looks like a TV/TG.

From Shari: When a woman with “man hands” puts on fake nails, my brother says it’s like putting lipstick on a pig. Lol Just doesn’t help. Lol @Brendan..I like that whole “recipe for exhaustion” idea. That’s a good one.

From Halie: ‎1. Smile 2. Eyes 3. Body

Good answers from everyone… And some things to think about…

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