Dating Tip #31: Sex in public… hot or tacky?

Sex in public… Some people do it, and many never have and would never even consider it. There is something so exciting even just thinking about it.  Yet nothing beats actually doing it… from one who has done it many times and has gotten away with it.

We asked our readers what they thought about sex in public, whether they thought it is hot or tacky. Here is what they had to say.  

From Gigi: HOT!! Definitely hot, and something I’ve done and plan on doing again as soon as I get my hands on my Jean- Claude. 

From Jean-Claude: I think it is hot… especially in the middle of the roundabout. People driving by are going so fast, they only get a glimpse.

From Helen: Helen says…no, no and no! PDA is fine, but sex in public…my Catholic family would have a heart attack if they only knew this discussion was going on, let alone thinking about doing it! LOL. Just…no. Not in public.

From Brie: Sex in a public place can be very hot….if it’s the right public place. The element of getting caught heightens the intensity of the whole experience!!

From Dina: Hot!!

From Jenna: I guess it depends what side you are on!

From Gigi: What side? You mean the doing it side, or the ones seeing someone doing it? lol

From Shari: If it’s your shiney hiney everyone is seeing I think. Lol

From Boris: Hot. yes. why not?

From Jenna: If you are on the receiving end it’s great. If you are waching, it sucks and you are jealous and you say “Get a room!”

From Gigi: Lol…I’d rather be on the receiving end!!

From Matt: My dogs seem to enjoy it.

From Boris: And then there’s the “semi-public” thin walls of hotels 🙂

From Shari: ‎@Matt…lol!  A friend of mine got caught by the cops..but it was his shiney hiney they she thought it was funny.

From Winnie: Bad enough for one poor guy to see my lousy body!! Show it to the world? Nope, unfair on them. hahaha.

From Boris:  ‎@Winnie: Sex in public places (with nobody apparently around) is different than publicly having sex (with lots of people around or watching). Most people would do the first, not the latter.

From Shari: ‎@Boris..Thank goodness!! I wouldn’t like having to go thru Meijers stepping over the horn dogs to get to the broccoli than you! Lol

From Boris: No, the goal would be a quiet corner of the storeroom, where there’s always a slight chance you could get caught 🙂 Or a corner of the parking lot.

I totally agree with Boris… The point of sec in public is not getting seen or caught, but of doing it and getting away with it!!

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