Success story #31: Alicia and Jose

Face book has brought so many new people into Gigi’s life. Alicia is one of them. She also grew up in Mallorca, and they have many friends in common, which brought them together. Alicia has great comments on our blog questions, and as she is one of the few happily married people, she sweetly agreed to share her story with us.

How I met him: I was separated from my first husband, and one of my best friends was babysitting for me because I worked a lot (that is another story ha ha!!). Anyways one day that she couldn’t stay, she told me her brother Jose was coming, and that is how we met 🙂

We became friends right away, and after some time, a little more than friends 🙂 We have now been together for almost ten years!! Two of them married, and our anniversary was last week 🙂

We mutually asked each other to get married, while at home one day, eating leftovers, while the kids weren’t home. It just popped up, talking about our life in common and the “more or less” we had had. We got engaged exactly one year before we got married, although that was by chance and not planned.

How does it keep going? Good :))))…. with those little things each marriage has 😉

Hope this helps you Gigi and I am glad that everything with Jean-Claude is going well
big kiss

Alicia still lives in Mallorca and was looking forward to meeting Jean-Claude and Gigi when they thought they would be going there… hopefully they will see her next summer!!

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