Romantic Movie Review #1: The Back-Up Plan

Gigi is now an official movie reviewer!! Just another wonderful perk of this wonderful blog… and it couldn’t have happened at a better time. Gigi needs some good romantic movies to take her mind off of things… such as begin a gazillion miles away from the man of her dreams!!

Gigi has always loved romantic movies… ever since she was a little girl. When Gigi was a young impressionable teenager, she was an incurable hopeless romantic, and ever optimistic. This was way before her heart was ever broken. She would watch romantic movies and wonder how her romantic life would be. Little did she know that it would be wrought with ups and downs.

Yet no matter what life has brought her, Gigi has never lost her love for romantic movies, as they fill her with hope that she will one day have her own happy ending. She goes to see them with her friends, she goes to see them on a date, and she goes mostly on her own… sitting there, lost in the theater, losing herself in the movie, and becoming a part of the feelings… laughing and crying along with the characters.

A few weeks ago, our blog was discovered by a movie website, I think because Gigi had written a mini blog on their movie “The Back-up Plan” with Jennifer Lopez. Gigi thanked them for their kind words on the blog, and suggested that she would write a full review on their movie, if they sent her a copy… never thinking they would. Well, lo and behold, guess what Gigi got in the mail yesterday? Yup, her very own copy of the movie!! Straight from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

Gigi watched the movie again, this time by herself in the comfort of the own home, and she loved it even more the second time. It seems based on an episode of Gigi’s life. In the movie Jennifer Lopez’s character gives up on ever finding a man of her own, and desperately wanting a child, she decides to get pregnant the new way, not the old-fashioned way: through test tubes and visits to doctors. Of course, once she is pregnant, she finds the perfect man.

I do not want to give away the whole plot of the movie, because there is nothing worse than seeing it all or hearing it all before you see the movie. It’s like those previews they show these days that show you all the major moments of the movie, and give away things you shouldn’t see before you’ve even had a chance to see the movie.

All I will say is that it is a very feel-good movie, with funny and happy and romantic moments. It is not a tear jerker, although you might have a few sniffles along the way. However, you will not cry yourself silly and you will love the ending. Gigi is tired of all these romantic movies with unhappy endings… give me a happy one any day!!

Jennifer Lopez and Alex O’Loughlin work very well together, making the move very believable. It was a wonderful, sweet, feel good romantic movie. It is funny and true to life. This would be a great date movie to see with someone. And if you find a man willing to take you to such a movie, it is a very good sign!!

Gigi’s friend Kelly would love this movie, since she is over 40 and still single… She has often talked about doing what Jennifer Lopez’s character does… get artificially inseminated and have a baby without a man in her life. Gigi told her that she should… and maybe she will have the same luck Jennifer does, and find a man AFTER she gets pregnant!!

Gigi might have trouble finding a man, but at least she has been lucky enough to have children. If not, I think Gigi definitely would do what Jennifer does. This is why this movie touched Gigi’s heart so much. It has such a touch of reality to it, and you can feel sympathy and empathy for the female character. It also belongs in Gigi’s favorite category of romantic movies… the one with happy endings!!

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