Success Story #30: Rosalba and Jaime

One of the most successful marriages that Gigi ever saw was that of her aunt Rosalba and her uncle Jaime. They loved each other to the very day he died last year, and they were together for longer than Gigi can remember. She always loved hearing their story from her mother, because it showed her that true love really can conquer all, if you try hard enough.

Now Gigi’s own parents were not happily married… not at all. In fact, they were on the point of divorce when her father died. But when she was growing up, she did have her aunt and uncle as role models. When Gigi was quite young, they used to go spend many Christmases with them in Madrid. Gigi loved going because her cousins were her age, and lived much more exciting lives than Gigi’s. They had so much more money, a nicer house, a better life style, and a happier home. Gigi would play dolls with her cousins, and later go out at night to the discos with them, and whenever she saw their parents, she saw what love really was like.

The story goes that when Jaime first met Rosalba, she was very unhappily, to a not very nice man. She ended up leaving him, but could not get a divorce, because in the olden days of Franco’s Spanish era, divorce was just not allowed.

This did not stop Jaime at all. He pursued Rosalba for a very long time, roping the help of my mother. I don’t think it was too long before my aunt gave in. They loved together, without being married for many, many years, and even had two children before they were finally able to get their much longed for divorce. They did get married, and like I said were together until my uncle died.

They took such good care of each other and their needs. And Jaime knew just what his Rosalba liked. Gigi once heard him telling a friend that Rosalba liked shopping, eating, and making love…and not necessarily in that order!! He worked hard his whole life to provide well for her, and they had quite a luxurious life. They helped Gigi and her family out quite a bit, and were very generous people.

When he was ready to retire, he sold his company, and they bought an apartment in Mallorca, so then they were closer to Gigi, and they got together very often. He bought a small motorized boat, and they would all go out on weekends, cooking on the boat, listening to Spanish bolero music, and sunbathing…all of them topless, and Uncle Jaime in a bathing suit that showed off his butt… poor Gigi’s ex-husband had quite a time getting used to this.

I think if my uncle were still alive, he’d tell me that Rosalba was the love of his life. I know that my poor aunt desperately misses him, and that has to be the worst thing in the world… to outlive the love of your life.

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