Sassy’s Article #2: Rabbits

Sassy is now doing articles on what brings women pleasure… besides a man, of course. It is fascinating the articles that are out there, the TV shows about sex, the total amount of information one can find. Amazingly enough, Sassy never watched the television show “Sex in the City” although it is on her to-watch list. She did see the movies, though, and finds quite a lot of similarities between herself and some of the characters.

She had once heard how rabbit vibrators became very popular after they were talked about in “Sex and the City”, and it seems as though Kim Cattrall has even written books about sex… mmmm, a woman after Sassy’s heart!! I will share an article with you on this next week.

The other night Sassy was wondering just why they named a vibrator after a rabbit. This led her to write about the history of vibrators and how they came about. Here is an article just on rabbit vibrators that Sassy found. It also suggests some of the best rabbit vibrators available… and funnily enough, Sassy has some of these!! Sassy found a website the other day that sells a rabbit vibrator priced at… ready for this? $1160!! yup…over a thousand dollars for a vibrator. At that price, it better come with a robot who can do more than just a toy!! What Sassy wold give to be able to review THAT toy!! What does it have? Real diamond chips?

Jack Rabbit Vibrators – A Brief History of the Best Vibrator Sex Toy Ever

The Rabbit vibrator, also referred to as the Jack Rabbit vibrator or Jessica Rabbit vibrator, is a fabulous vibrating and rotating sex toy complete with stimulating rabbit ears for clitoral stimulation. The jack rabbit dual action vaginal and clit vibration clearly provide more intense sensations than traditional dildo or clitoral stimulation sex toys.

The Jack Rabbit vibrator is packed with enough power to provide intense stimulation for orgasm. The jack rabbit vibrator remote control has two sliding switches to control the intensity and direction of the rotating shaft, spinning beads and the rotation of the rabbit ears. You can even change the vibrator setting to a thrusting action for intense vaginal pleasure. The rabbit ears can also be adjusted to provide various levels of clitoral stimulation. The Jack Rabbit vibrator comes in many different styles depending on your level of stimulation for vibrator sex.

iVibe, the newest Jack Rabbit vibrator is not only waterproof, but also uses microchip technology to manage its controls! It has a shaft that rotates and twirls, and you can turn on the moving pearls at the touch of a button. It is easy to control the settings for the rabbit ears for clitoral stimulation at different settings. You can even pick and choose whether you prefer vibrations, pulsations or both at the same time. Users may prefer traditional vaginal stimulation or add clitoral stimulation with ease! The iVibe Jack Rabbit vibrator has 28 possible vibrator setting combinations all with pleasure in mind.

The Hop’n Rabbit Stroker vibrator offers vibrating rabbit ears for clitoral stimulation and has a gyrating shaft that also thrusts! If you like vaginal stimulation, then this will likely be your vibrator of choice. The thrusting action of the vibrator shaft can be easily adjusted to your preferred speed and vibration. This high-tech multi-speed remote control vibrator makes a great addition to any sex toy collection.

The Impulse Jack Rabbit vibrator offers 7 levels of vibration, pulsation and escalation, 6 levels of non-jamming bead shaft rotation and flickering rabbit ears that create amazing clitoral and vaginal stimulation all at the same time! The best part is that the Impulse Jack Rabbit vibrator comes with glow in the dark button controls and a quick on and off switch for easy use. (Sassy has this one… see Toy Review #17… and it is one of her favorite ones).

The Silicone Snow Bunny Rabbit vibrator glows in the dark and offers over 500 amazing combinations of impulse functions, 10 speed levels of rotations including shaft beads and the famous rabbit ears with 5 functions for stimulation. The bunny ears are positioned to vibe over and under the clit rather than just on the sides, which provides more intense pleasure for clit stimulation. (Sassy also has this one… see Toy Review #10… another personal favorite).

You can’t beat the price for Jack Rabbit vibrators that offer long lasting quality and durability. I can see why its manufacturer claims to have sold millions of these fabulous vibrators! I have told all my friends to buy the Jack Rabbit vibrators because they can be wonderful for both solo pleasure and a great addition to sex with a partner.

Article on Rabbit Vibrators

If you click on the link above to see the original article, you can click on links to buy the products. They come from, which is one of the websites I write reviews for.

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