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  • August 29, 2010 at 11:25 pm

At times people forget how much FUN love making can be… It can sometimes get mechanical, routine, a habit, something that is begun and ended too quickly, and then they just roll off to sleep. People with a healthy sexual relationship do not do this. They touch. They tease. They playact. They use toys. And sometimes they even take the time to play
love board games. After all, why not? Just think of how much fun you can have playing regular board games. This one is even more fun… a total hands-on experience if you will!!

Sassy played a love board game years ago… in fact, it was with her ex-husband when they were still in college and living together. I think it was called ” A Romantic Evening”, and if Sassy can remember well, it even came with some accessories. It was the perfect way to get to know each other, beyond the simply physical touching.

Love games get you to ask each other explicit questions… about your likes and dislikes. It gets you to answer questions about things you have done or not done. Some games even have you do certain things to each other, as a foreplay to the upcoming sexual act. It can be as simple as giving a massage… to something more intimate, like a certain teasing sexual act.

These games can be romantic, daring, or very sexually explicit. They can be steps along the path of getting to really know more about your partner… learning more than you would by simply falling into bed, making love, and then going to sleep. As relationships grow, sometimes foreplay becomes a thing of the past. Love board games can bring all of this back. It can bring that much needed spice back into your life.

On you can find 38 different types of love games, all of them at very reasonable prices… cheaper in fact than the regular board games!! Just by looking at the titles of the games, you can get a very good idea of what they are about. Sassy is going to ask to try some of these out. Right now she is totally stuck between asking for “52 weeks of romance” or “52 weeks of naughty nights”… Hmmm I wonder if they would send her both? Because although you may very well imagine that Sassy is naughty, you might be surprised to find out that she is also very romantic. She normally finds men who just want one of these qualities in her, but her man Bobby loves both sides of her, so I really think that they need both these games!! Something else that you cold buy to go with the romantic game is a “Bed of roses”… not a game, but a box filled with scented silk red rose petals and candles, and a special invitation… a long time, and as yet, unfulfilled fantasy of Sassy’s…

Of these 38 games, some of the others that sound like fun are games on a sexual version of “Truth or Dare”. Just imagine the trouble and fund you get into by playing that!! There is also the game “I’ve never…” which if you are a Lost TV show fan, you might remember that Kate and Sawyer played one night. Oooo and what about “Sex around the house” as you explore different places in your home. Sassy could really go for that!!

The more that Sassy looks at these two pages of games, the more she wants to try them all out. It was the website’s idea to send her a game, and she is now very glad they came up with this idea. Up until now, Sassy has reviewed what she calls “Toys for the Lonely”, since most of the times, she was not in a relationship, and therefore forced to play with toys by herself. She might have to change the title of these reviews, because there are so many products out there that one can play with a partner, and soon Sassy will be playing them all with Bobby.

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Love board games

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