Helen: Month of August

Helen, Heidi and Gideon (my 3yr old son) had our last hurrah of the summer on Mackinac Island today. It was a blast! Although there were many nice looking men there..we didn’t have time too look at them. We were too busy riding bikes around the island,looking in fun, little shops and trying fudge at every corner. We have mentioned Mackinac Island to be a beautiful place to take a date before, but today I could truly appreciate the possibility of that. The scenery alone is romantic enough….and add a boat ride and a horse drawn carriage ride after dinner and the women will be swooning, gentlemen. I can’t wait to go back again! Perhaps one of these days, I will find a man who can accompany me. By the way….I am taking applications, resumes, physical exam records, and credit histories of all interested applicants! Lmao.

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