Gigi: Month of August

At last

Gigi was asked today why she didn’t put up a dating status since the end of June…The answer was simple. There was no one worth writing about!! She did go on a few dates that went nowhere, not even worth the time to write about here. Though some did make the nightmare date category, they just didn’t merit a status update…. But enough about the weeks that went nowhere. Let’s talk about what IS going somewhere… what is feeling so right and perfect that Gigi is head over heels falling in love.

You were briefly in my past. You are now in my present. And our future starts now…

Funny how people from your past can sometimes turn up so unexpectedly, and affect you more than they ever did back then. Such is the case with Jean-Claude. My sweet, sexy, wonderful Norwegian Jean-Claude (so named by Gigi because he looks like Jean-Claude Van Damme… lucky, lucky Gigi). Now he tells Gigi that he kissed her when they were 17, but sadly Gigi doesn’t remember. She must have been scared by the kiss, since she was shy and innocent on those days… she was!!! She really was…

He found her on facebook a few weeks ago, left her a message telling her he loved her profile picture, and then the flirting began. The more they talked, the more Gigi enjoyed their time together. She loved his comments on her blog questions, and very soon their flirting became more and more serious, and quite specific… Yes, they began talking about all of their likes and dislikes, and they found out that they have so much in common… All too soon, he was talking about their visiting each other, and this led to great blog questions, and to their being the talk of facebook…

Now please keep in mind that this is not lust as some have called it… how so? Because Gigi fell for Jean-Claude without even knowing what he looks like!! All he had up for his profile picture were a few photos from his high school days. Nope. She did not fall for his looks. She fell for his personality, his way of thinking and feeling about life… and again those of you who do not think that one can fall in love quickly and by long distance, I totally disagree. Of course, I know that love takes time to develop and grow… but it can start quickly when it is right, and was meant to be. Then if both sides are serious and committed to getting to know everything about each other, then the lasting true love develops and remains.

His voice made Gigi melt

Gigi spent hours and hours talking with him on facebook, and they spent many a night together… well, her Michigan nights and his Irish days… Oh yes, did I not mention this yet? Such is Gigi’s life (or “C’est la vie” like Jean-Claude likes to say), that he lives in Dublin, making this a very long distance type of relationship. And yet he makes her happier from a distance than anyone else has up close. He makes it all so easy by the many phone calls, texts, facebook chats, and just recently skype videoing. He told Gigi yesterday that she also makes it easy to love her… be still my melting heart…

After just a week of spending many nights together, he called her from Dublin. It was early in the morning and Gigi was in bed. She had actually just reached for her phone, since he had said he might call… and he called her within seconds of that. And the minute Gigi heard his voice, she melted. Simply melted into the sheets. Such was the effect and force of his Norwegian voice speaking in English… what an accent!! It left French and Italian accents way behind.

They were soon planning how to see each other, whether Gigi would come to him, or if he would go to her. Since it was the end of summer, the tickets for her to fly to him were too expensive, so they decided he would come to her in September, and they would go camping together… because yes, Gigi’s man loves to camp… and to cook… and to salsa dance… and to dress nicely… and to listen to the lyrics of music… Can we all say “Made for Gigi” now?

A picture paints a thousand words

His photo? OMFG… even there Gigi was lucky. When he sent her a photo a few days after they first talked on the phone, Gigi nearly fell off the bed. WOW. All that, and looks too? It was now official… Gigi is head over heels…

As for a future… well, Gigi is not going to give away all of their plans, but hopefully they will soon be living in the same place… taking turns on the place. For now Gigi cannot leave her children, so he is willing to move to her. Later on, they have decided that Mallorca will be a great place to settle in, and grow old together. Finally Gigi has met a man who is not scared or afraid to commit to one woman and a future together… merci, mon Jean-Claude… or takk min kjaerlighet. Gigi is now learning Norwegian… funnily enough she already knew a little, since she went to Norway twice and her mother was with a Norwegian for many years once she was widowed… guess Norwegian men are in both their destinies.

UPDATE: August 28th

It began getting serious between Jean-Claude and Gigi at the very beginning of August. We are now at the tail end of August, and things are even better than ever.

  • He has found himself a new job with an American company in Ireland.. but with offices in Chicago, so close to Gigi, and we are hoping that they might transfer him to the U.S.
  • They have told their friends all about each other, both those around them and those on face book, and more importantly their families.
  • They have not let a single day go by without some kind of communication: phone call, text, email, face book, or skype
  • They do not waste any time griping or moaning or arguing about time spent apart with their friends, but treasure every minute spent together
  • They tell each other every day that they love each other

Gigi has never been happier… in her life. Jean-Claude is the man… the one she has always looked for. They have finally had some very private moments on skype, and that is she will say about THAT topic, but OMG… may he come see her soon!!

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