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  • August 24, 2010 at 12:58 am

This is the first time that Sassy ever writes a review for a sex movie. Now it is not the first time that she has watched a pornographic movie, but it is not something that Sassy does a lot. She prefers her toys and her own imagination. I think that men like watching porn more than women do, and that women prefer playing with toys to watching porn, but this is just Sassy’s opinion.

But I must admit that there have been times when Sassy has looked for porn videos on the internet. She once downloaded a porno film from cable, and saved it onto a VCR tape a few years ago… And yes, she does have a porn site saved on her Iphone. She just doesn’t watch it that often. When she does, she turns the sound off, because the moans and gasps always seem too fake and contrived, and she simply prefers the pictorial views.

Sassy can clearly remember the first pornographic movie she ever watched. It was when she was a young teenager, and it was her father’s video. It was an old classic called “The Story of O”, made in 1975, about a young girl trained in bondage and sexual pleasures, and in how to please her master. Sassy can remember enjoying the immensely titillating thrill of watching that movie. Now back in those days, she didn’t have any toys, so apart from her fingers and a very hard pillow ridden on the very edge of the couch, Sassy was on her own. But she did secretly watch this video as often as she could, when she was at home alone.

The next time she watched one, she was in Norway, and she was 16. She’d gone there with her mother to visit friends, and Sassy soon found herself a cute blond Norwegian boyfriend. She went over to his house for a party, and lo and behold… the Norwegian teenagers’ idea of a party included pairing up and watching a porn video!! Sassy was still a virgin in those days (she waited until she was 18), so she didn’t copy any of the things she saw on that video.

When Sassy told this to her current (and hopefully last ever) boyfriend Bobby, who just happens to be Norwegian, he laughed so hard. He asked Sassy to get a porn movie to review,and then when he comes to visit her next month, they can watch it together. Oh these Norwegians… you’d think they invented sex!! Although… what with the Norwegian party porn watching, and the nudism they are so proud of, and the fact that it was a Norwegian boy who taught Sassy how to give her first blow job when she was 16, not to mention the great phone sex that Sassy and Bobby have… they might very well HAVE invented sex!!

So Sassy chose a porno for them to watch from Good Vibrations… She was going to wait until he got here, but while waiting for him on skype tonight, and playing with her toys, she got quite “needy”, let’s say. So when he didn’t show up on skype, Sassy decided to watch it on her own. Ooops… hope Bobby won’t mind… Tonight was going to be their first webcam sex night, and she’d been looking forward to it all day. But Bobby was unable to get onto skype (he doesn’t have a laptop of his own yet), so Sassy needed something to calm down her hormones. She popped the video into her laptop, turned the volume down, and settled down to watch.

Ok, as far as pornos go, this is quite a racy one, so if you are easily shocked, this might not be for you. Also if you do not like girl on girl, or guy kissing guy, it might also NOT be for you (men might not enjoy this porno that much). The main character starts off by playing with herself, and doing a nice little strip. She is joined by two men and Sassy was immediately intrigued, since she must admit that she HAS had that fantasy of herself with two men (in fact, that is the one porn that she does have on video). Sassy has never tried this out for real, and the closest she has ever got to this feeling, is having a guy in one place, and her toy in another, or using her double toy when alone. Sadly though the clip of the girl with two guys is mainly about her giving them both blow jobs, or them kissing each other. Neither of them penetrates her anywhere… which is such a waste… as was their kissing each other.

The next few scenes are of the girl with another woman, and then finally one of her with a man. This last clip is the best of the lot, and the visuals are excellent. You can really see each position, and all that they do together. It was here were Sassy used her toys to please herself as she was watching. It was not quite as wonderful as watching it with Bobby will be, but it was the next best thing. Hopefully he will be here soon to watch it with her. Funny thing about watching porn… it does stimulate you, and make you want to watch more…

Sassy has only ever watched a porno while a man was with her once… It was during a crazy Halloween weekend, a few years ago, when she dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood (a naughty one of course), and drove across into Canada… driving four hours in the rain to spend a crazy, wild night with her Big Bad Wolf… an old friend from high school whom she had not seen in over 20 years. He was watching porn when she arrived, and they left it on, while the wolf ravished Little Red Riding Hood!! Enough said… just that it remains another amazing memory of Sassy’s and the wolf’s too, of course.

If you have a partner, and are up to it, he would probably love to watch a porn with you, and it would be something he’ll quite likely never forget… ever!! Why not give this one a try? Once Sassy has watched it with Bobby, she will add an update!!

Click on the link below to get your copy of this movie:

My Own Master

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