Wedding Story #2: From Boris

Boris was the second person to send me the story of his wedding… Gigi has been trying (unsuccessfully for now) to get Boris to write blogs for us, giving us the male perspective on relationships… She will not give up yet, and for now, here swe have the story of his wedding day.

Click below to read the success story of his marriage to Milena whom he met in high school.

Boris and Milena

Boris’ wedding in his own words:

We waited almost a year after graduation, trying to get the parents in Peru, Saudi, and New Hampshire to attend together, but finally gave up on that dream. Our only wheels were a Yamaha 650, recently upgraded from an old Honda 350. I cleaned and polished it all day in preparation for the honeymoon. After the ceremony, we saw that my brother had trashed it with TP, shaving cream, and sardines on the engine.

We had both changed into new jeans and the same polo-style shirt, and tore out with a cooler and a gym bag strapped to the back, with a “Just Married” sign, headed to Dallas for Six Flags and the spoils of getting married. We had to stop 20 miles down the road and hit the car wash. Ended up staying the night there, and leaving for Dallas the next morning. Getting there late, we decided to just wait until Sun to hit the park. The next morning we noticed the parking lot was remarkably empty for 9 AM–because it was not open on Sunday. 🙁

So, we hit the mall for movies, bought Booboo the honeymoon kittie (imagine the 2.5 hour motorcycle ride home with that in your jacket). We subsisted on Hillshire Farms munchies and take out chinese. Return home was to a quaint and cute (cheap and rundown) 1 bedroom of a small 4- apartment home, with a nice roof overhang we snuck out onto from the kitchen and ate pot pies on. Every trip we made around town was special, since we were now “husband and wife.” We even enjoyed the “chores and chat” at the laundromat next to the house.

Shopping was fun, repackaging a few bags of groceries safely into a box that rode safely enough on the motorcycle. Milena worked as a nurse’s aid at the hospital, and I laid tile with my brother (even had a job at the hospital where she worked). Only had to endure that fun for a few months before enlisting and going to USAF basic training. Couldn’t get enough sex, of course, and Booboo kittie would attack our feet anytime our feet hit the floor. Was glad to get rid of him…

Anyway, that was our wedding phase, I guess. The ceremony was special, but nothing over the top. Funniest thing was all of us trying to stop laughing, and suddenly hearing my little sister (flower girl) totally crying her eyes out–we weren’t all on the same page. Maybe she was doing that on behalf of my mother, who had to behave. No big reception, we had cake and then hit the road. Actually, we were so busy, we forgot to eat any cake.

Oh, one more thing… On the road to Dallas, everybody honked of course, but one truck honked a LOT. And waved like crazy. Didn’t recognize ’em. After they finally got past us, and their boat got past us, we saw they too had a Just Married sign. The next day, we saw they were at the hotel across the street from us in Grand Prairie, next to the Steak and Ale we ate at (it was nostalgic, my Dad’s favorite place to eat there). We also had a great time at Click’s, a pool hall chain right by the hotel–I was underage because they changed it from 18 to 19 a few months previously, but Milena wasn’t (luckily). We finally got to go to Six Flags together, about 10 years later.

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