Dating Advice #27: Can one fall in love by phone and internet, before meeting in person?

Gigi is experiencing something these past few weeks, a chance encounter on face book with Jean-Claude a man who kissed her when they were 17. At first we flirted a little, and then we began to talk openly about all of our likes and dislikes… and I mean ALL our likes. Suddenly, it’s as though a connection has been made, and the possibility of something amazing.

I know that the cynical among you will say this cannot possibly be real, that it is mere infatuation that will quickly disappear. Gigi has never been to believe that. Maybe, with time, this feeling will grow into something deep and true and lasting. It has happened to me before in the past, a chance internet encounter leading to love that lasted… for years.

So the question this week was: Can someone fall in love by phone and internet before meeting in person? I’m not talking about true everlasting love. Right now, all I’m asking is can you BEGIN to fall in love, to develop feelings that will go somewhere as time goes by, and as long as both people are serious and not just playing games.

Here is what our readers had to say:

From Gigi: I totally believe that it is possible to fall in love with someone before you meet in person. It has happened to me before and it is happening to me now. The end result can only be seen in time, but if one has faith and commitment and true honest motives, one can get to know each other by phone and internet, and begin to develop feelings for each other. All I know is that the minute I heard Jean-Claude’s voice last weekend, something in me melted totally… and as he continued to call me from Dublin (over 8 times) and text me (countless times), something happened…

From Jean-Claude: Just ask me because I know how it feels.

From Dionne: Yes (you can read her story on how this happened in the Most Romantic Date Ever tab).

From Alisa: Yes you can… 😉

From Gigi: I’ll say you can!!

From Alisa: Hahaha… THAT’S what I said .. :p

From Alexa: Not sure. I think thousands do it all the time, with pop stars, film stars etc – some of them even obssess about these people. I thought I was in love with someone once never having met them. When I woke up, I felt like the biggest idiot ever. Even now I cringe at myself.

From Shari: Yes, absolutely…and it doesn’t mean it’s the same thing as when people go gaga over celebrities they haven’t met.

From Josie: No… That is called infatuation.

From Mary: No way. Friendship maybe but people always portray themselves differently via phone- internet. Face to face always better!

From Shari: Years ago it was very common to meet someone through letter writting..fall for each other and stay married for 60 years. Now a days things are a little more complicated, what with all the fronting that people do… but basic human attraction is the same..and it is possible to have true feelings for someone you have never met in person. Even more so now because you can use the internet and web cam etc!

From Ian: Of course one can… man and woman are only the sum of all kinds of attracting factors. I myself fell in love with my wife whilst telephoning with her in an early stage of having met her. That voice… no woman has such a voice… and let me tell you, those calls lasted 19 hours!

From Shari: Wow Ian… that’s great!

From Gigi: I fell in love via phone and Internet and it lasted over 6 years… I think one can fall in love in person and over the phone/Internet. And yes Ian, the power of someone’s voice is amazing!!

From Boris: Nope, not true love anyway. Like Josie says, infatuation. You can’t love someone until you know their bad, as well as their good, accept that, and still love them for all that they are (good and bad).

From Gigi: It can begin as infatuation, then falling in love, feeling an attraction, and it can lead to true love with time, if both sides are serious about it and not playing games. All true love that has lasted the test of time began at some point by what I call “falling in love” and what others call “infatuation”. Sometimes it burns away as quickly as it started and sometimes it develops and grows. Only time can tell…

From Andy: There’s a difference between falling in love and a relationship, Gigi …

From Gigi: I know Alex… Sometimes falling in love leads to a relationship and sometimes it doesn’t. It depends on so many things.

From Kelly: I think that would be falling in love with the idea of falling in love. You cannot love a person for who they REALLY are until you meet them and get to know them….a lot of people get confused on their feelings… but to truly LOVE a person cannot be done by phone, or internet, or text, or letters…

From Ian: Kelly, that’s why I married…*lol*

From Gigi: I think it can start by phone and Internet, but then one of you needs to move…

From Ana: I think you are setting yourself up for a fall chica!

From Gigi: It has worked for me in the past and despite all I’ve been through, I try to always be optimistic…

From Ana: You are the eternal optimist……….. I wish you all the luck in the world

From Gigi: I need to be optimistic. otherwise, I’d just give up totally.

From Mark: Nope.

From Amy: Yes.

Gigi and Jean-Claude both believe you can, and they are well on their way there. They believe in falling in love through the sound of your voice and nights (well, Gigi’s nights and his mornings…darn time difference) spent together.

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  1. Damon morse

    I am in love with my ex wife of 15 ur stepdaughter. I am 42 and she is 21

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