Dating Tip #25: Predators and prey

This blog question was about predators (normally the men) and prey (mostly women). It seems that most predatos enjoy the chase more than actually catching their prey. If they catch the prey too quickly they lose interest. Gigi has heard this comment ad nauseum, and doesn’t follow it well. she tends to be caught quickly, and then is left alone. God, how I hate these dating games!!

Because how the heck do you know how long to make them chase you? What if you make them chase you too long and THEN they lose interest in even catching you? Why is dating so fricking hard?!!

We asked our readers about the thrill of the chase and here is what they said:

From Gigi: I know that one of my biggest faults is that I let the predator catch me too quickly, and most often than not, he loses interest and is never heard from again. In my defense though, I have sometimes made them chase me for weeks, and still lost them once I let myself be caught. And sometimes, rarely though, after being caught right away, it developed into a relationship. I’ll never understand what men want or how to amek them stay!!

From Dina: It’s not just the men who do that … the chase is sooo much more fun 🙂

From Joanna: It is the adrenaline rush… knowing that you have them in the palm of your hand and can twist them and turn them.. It is the feeling of power. We girls do it too…. it is called flirting. Out on the dance floor you spot your prey… You look at him over your shoulder, but quickly look away… then again more slowly and with a smile, but don’t hold his gaze too long… wait for it…. he is either walking your way or you might have to reel him in… look at him and calll him to you….. Ahhh.. the feeling of success 🙂 No guy can resist it! 🙂 Gotta love ’em they are so easy 🙂

From Winnie: Once you’ve eaten, you are satisfied. As simple as that.

From Ana: I agree with Winnie and Joanna. Its the thrill of the chase, the satisfaction of the catch and the power you feel when you accomplish your mission. I don’t think we stop and think of the emotional roller coaster involved in this thing called “dating”. we are all about instant gratification! Kinda sad but true.

From Shari: I think it’s all game playing bs! Don’t want any part of that scene.

From Matt: I “keep” my prey if I like her. Usually what happens is the ones I like are scared away by this, and the ones I don’t like won’t leave me alone. Murphy’s Law. That being said, I’m not much into the predator thing – rather find someone whom I can be friends with and go from there. Which is why I’m single.

From Joanna: Oh I dont know Matt. I loved the hunt when I was single, but when I decided I had had enough I started dating someone that I had been friends with for about a year… i knew him and we liked the same things. We have been married for 16 years and four kids now

From Matt: My comment referenced that I don’t really have any female friends at this time. At least, none that aren’t married.

From Charlie: I could explain it but you’d be mad.

From Scott: Sorry we are not the same, no more than women are the same.

From Shannon: Men are like animals… in pre historic times…Think of the wild lion who does not want to eat dead pray but wants the excitement of the chase.. Yes, these are games..That is why I am just me and won’t play .

From Rose: Because douche-canoes have short attention spans. Decent, intelligent men evolve and get beyond the rhetoric of recent eras and don’t buy into the Spike TV mantra of love ’em and leave ’em.

From Jon: Thought provoking piece… Truth speak, predators prey only on what they can catch and many prey make it easy, or are trying to be caught…

From Dimonique: Gigi, that’s just a chance we take. It sucks, but that’s simply what it is. Sometimes, men can be so deceiving that there’s no true way to know whether the man wants love or just wants to chase…they’re pretty darn good at times…LOL. It’s up to us to decide if we want to take the chance and BE caught, knowing we might get tossed right back.

From Andrew: Shannon said it best … it’s genetic, the only exception are those few men that search for a soulful fulfillment and eternal companionship … and those are rarely interesting, seldomly attractive, and not really a stud in bed 😉

From Angela: ‎@Andrew… that’s why they have time to realize that wham bam is not all it’s portrayed to be. They don’t fit society’s mold of what “interesting” “attractive” and “studly” are supposed to be.

From Boris: The good girls always want the bad boys, but the bad boys only want something the good girls have. I don’t know, Andrew, I don’t hop from one rabbit hole to the next, but I think I’m pretty interesting (when poked or prodded), relatively attractive (you know, for one us ugly guys), and not too shabby in bed (I limit the field, that helps the comparison), either. 🙂
‎@Angela, I’m not sure it’s society’s mold, or just some women’s (generally the hot, pretty ones, in high demand)… I think the latter.

From Angela: Yeah, women can be as superficial as men.

From Boris: Wham bam IS all it’s cracked up to be. When you’re ten, with a new plast gun set, with caps. Some boys just never grow out of that phase.

From Angela: ‎@Boris LMAO You can say THAT again.

From Andrew: ‎@Boris: that was to non bikers, riding v2s puts one into another league … we are probably provoking the wham bam by sound, leaving the possibility to discover our soft side … and if we flee, every girl knows it’s not permanent, but just on a ride on the bike 😉

From Jim: Why does a dog lick his balls?

From Frank: I would love to see this as a blog. nice topic and a good look inside the mind of a woman a dealing with a predator like jah said

From Missy: Some of these comments are hilarious! A lot of women put too much emphasis on a man to complete them. We all need to learn we are complete without them and if we have a man, that’s great, but if not, we are great without them too!

From Annie It’s probably because we live in a throw-away society and everything has become expendable, including relationships. Sad but true for many.The idea of working at a relationship is just too much. And why bother? So much available…too much available?

From Jean-Claude: I don’t do that!

Amen sista!! I have heard so many different hings from different people. I’ve seen relationships come out of what could have been just a one-night stand. and I’ve seen one night stands stay just that. AS a man once told me, if he truly likes you, he will continue to see you even after he has caught you, no longer how quick the chase was…

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