Toys for the Lonely #25: Suction cup

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  • July 29, 2010 at 7:13 pm

Toys can be a lot of fun, but they can also be awkward to hold at the exact angle that you’d like them to be at. You have to hold them as you are using them, and that can sometimes pose a problem. So whoever thought of adding a suction cup to a sex toy was a genius!! Do they give Nobel prizes for the inventors of the best sex toys?

This is the first toy that Sassy has ever tried that has a suction cup attached, and it came to her from As you can see from the photo below this toy does not come with fancy gadgets or attachments. It does not vibrate, pump, thrust or twirl. But the suction cup makes it more than just your avergae dildo.

So what can you do with a dildo that has a suction cup attached to it, you might ask? So many fun and wonderful things… and I hope this is not too graphic for my readers…

Normally toys have to be held by hand, which means you are either lying down or maybe sitting on them. It is quite hard to use the toys behind you if you are on your own. And sometimes it feels so darned good from behind :-p

Well, with a toy that has a suction cup, you can attach them firmly at whatever angle you want: on something flat under you or something flat behind you. Books, chairs, a hardwood floor, or flat boards are good for underneath you. Cabinets and walls work great to stick the suction toy on, and then all you have to is bend over in front of it, to insert it from behind. It can also work in the bathroom… on the toilet seat or on the wall of the shower. Yes, there are many places you can attach a toy with a suction cup if you have a good and active imagination.

By firmly attaching the toy, it frees your hands, and makes it easier to use it. A suction cup is an amazing addition to a toy. Now this toy, the Pleasure No 6 is only a simple dildo with a suction cup. It does not vibrate at all. It does not have a clitoral stimulator attached to it. It is just simply a rubbery dildo, and you will have to do all the work to get pleasure from it. But if you think about it, most men do not vibrate at all.

I would recommend this as a simple toy for someone who is either unused to toys, or someone not looking for something that vibrates.

Buy yours by clicking on the link below:

Pleasure Number 6

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