Gigi: Week of June 28th

I will never get men

It is now week four with Steve… He still texts every day and calls Gigi sweetie or baby. but he has no time for her… begin supposedly torn between school and friends, and room mates and family.

He went to various bar outings and parties without inviting Gigi… he admits that she needs some of his time too… but doesn’t give her any.

She asks him to tell her what he wants from her, and he doesn’t answer… and her “needs” have not been met in three weeks.

Gigi is giving him one more week, and then NEXT!!!

It’s so backwards… one first hot and heavy week, and then a slow three weeks of simply talking by phone and dating occasionally… and yet when Gigi gives him an out to end it all without drama or fuss…he doesn’t take it!!!

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