Poem #20 “Waiting no more” by Gigi Flores

Gigi is still writing poems to her as yet mysterious maybe man, whom she is hopefully supposed to see very soon… after months of waiting for him to come for a visit… This might be a secret chapter never to be shared… For now, I guess, just enjoyo the poems and I’ve been told it is quite hot!!

I’ve been waiting…

Feels as though I’ve been
Suspended in time
Sitting on a shelf
Drumming my fingers
Swinging my legs
Shifting my body
Waiting like an impatient child
To open up a mysterious box
Sitting right there
Tied up with a silky bow
Tantalizingly marked
Do not open yet.

Seems like I’ve been
Teased by your box
Fingers itching to reach out
To slowly untie the ribbon
Carefully tear off the paper
Slowly run my hands downwards
Trail my eager fingers
Hold its contents against
My aching breasts
Affected by the promise
Contained within that box
Not yet opened.

Think that I’ve been
Holding my breath until I
Unwrap everything around you
At last drawing you out
Taking you in my hands
Tasting you with my mouth
Placing you in my body
Exploring every inch
As a Spanish conquistadora of old
Claiming you for my very own
A box about to be opened
Fulfilling months of anticipation.

Act as though I’ve been
Waiting for that encounter
For days of yearning
For weeks of longing
For months of needing
After waiting for you for years
A lifetime spent without you
Impatient and dying to feel you
Counting the days for the wait to be over
To have you here where you belong
Finally opening the box
That had my name emblazoned on it.

There’s a knock on my door
A package delivered
Time now seems to have flown by
Worth every agonizing moment
I thought this day would never come
And yet it is finally here
It suddenly all feels true
It was never a lie
Oh my God he is here
Waiting no more
I open the box
He is now mine.

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