Favorite Romantic Vacation Spot #23: Ocean

“Ocean…waves… sunsets… private hut… beach side… umbrella drink.”

That was all Susie said for her favorite vacation spot, and really what else needs to be said? You can get this without leaving the United States, and without having to go somewhere tropical or an exotic island.

Gigi has had romantic beach vacations on islands in the Mediterrean, along the coast of Spain, France, and italy. She has sunned in Caribbean islands with her love. She has swum in Miami beach with a beautiful black Cuban and a pale white Canadian (lol). And then of course, she has walked along American and Spanish beaches on her own, wishing there WAS a man next to her.

There is just something so utterly romantic about being on a beach with someone you love. Like Susie said, even the sunsets are romantic!!

So this week I will not pick a specific beach because one could make any beach special and romantic…

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