Gigi: Week of June 14th

2nd week not so wonderful

Gigi is still seeing Steve, but he is not being as sweet and attentive as the first week. However, he does have some good reasons. He is taking quite a few very tough nursing classes. His mother is in town and driving his sister crazy, and involving him in the fighing. He does still text Gigi every day, and they talk a lot on the phone, but she went without seeing him for five days. He showed up for their date at Gigi’s house only to tell her that he couldn’t stay… he had to go pick up his mom who’d be staying with him for a few days…

He told her quite a few times that he’d be seeing her that night, only to cancel… it was one of those maybes that we tell our kids, when we don’t want to tell them no… but he was very sweet and apologetic, and promised to make it up to Gigi.

She finally got to see him Sunday night, which she did spend at his place… but let’s just say that he was exhausted from a hard week, so Gigi did not get her favorite type of dessert… oh no, please tell me it won’t be like the last boy friend…

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