Poem #11: “Her” by Felix Davis

Our poem this week is by Felix Davis, a very talented poet whom I was lucky enough to meet on face book, thanks to poet friends that we have in common. His poems make you feel exactly what he felt, and tell yourself that you’ve felt the same things he has, or at least that’s how I feel. He has been a wonderful supporter of the poems I’ve been writing lately, so it is with great pleasure that I am posting the first of many of his poems to come to our blog.

To read more of Felix’s poems go to: Felix Davis

Sunshine and her beauty are one in the same
I bask in them as they shine
No need to share her
She’s mine
Personal assistant to my heart beat
My escape when the day is thru
Moonlight to my existence
Persistence in highlighting my dreams
She wants them to come true
Her essence in my life is a dream come true
Her voice is like a high note on a flute
No way her love is a fluke
Proven in her actions more than spoken words chosen
When the doors to love were closed
She opened them
Now she resides inside them
Occupancy for one
No hotel or extended stay
She’s made it clear permanent is her name
Loving me is her thang
Love is sustained
I want you in ways that in most minds,
Would be indescribable
Luminating my desires
I inhale your essence to become hyyer
You’re my diary
In you I lay my secrets
I need emotional nutrients
And you’re the supplier
I visualize days with you won’t be somber
You’re the barometer in the atmosphere called My Life
You gauge the pressure, you stand by me
Thru tremulous spurts, displays of past love’s pain
Thru the storm of hurt, fear, anxiety
You look in my eyes and see the real me,
The man that’s dying to come out
You compliment me, without a shadow of doubt
Foundation is being built, cemented in our thoughts
Funny how everybody wants to know where did it all start
We set a sail with hearts,
This journey is for two, vow to never let our hearts be torn apart
They say all things done in the dark, always come to light
Your beauty personifies the definition of solstice
Now that I have you in my atmosphere
Your radiance gravitates my existence to new heights
With you by my side, past demons will be vanquished,
I am sovereign of this kingdom and you are my monarch,
My priceless treasure, I found on travels thru the dark.
Love comes at the most unexpected times,
Never delayed, always right on time.

©2010 Felix Davis All Rights Reserved

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