Top “Ten” #18: Things to do on a date when on a tight budget

This week’s top ten was inspired by Brie, and is really the life story of Gigi, since she always meets men with no money!! Doctors and lawyers are not for her. Which is ok, since Gigi is not at all materialistic. Still it would be nice to find cheap things to do that take you out of the house. So here are some ideas on what to do if you have little money and still want to go out on a date!!

From Gigi: Go for a picnic in a nearby lake or forest. Go get some ice cream and walk in a park. Go for a bike ride. All these things are fun, and cheap, and give you lots of alone time.

From Camille: If it’s not a first date, and I’ve known this person long enough, it’s time to play a game. Clothing optional or blindfolded, props and food items always welcome. Always wanted to try that scene from 9 1/2 Weeks. Guess I’m a bit conventional. But none while Steve’s on a big project deadline. LOL

From Vinnie: Sex — all equipment u need already there! lol  Really — bike ride in a park.

From Rachel:  Go for a nice walk…. Watch a dvd…..go to the ren cen and ride the elevator…go get ice cream… I’m broke all the time and these are fun things to do!!

From Dionne: A picnic at the lake or in the park…..stay home and cook dinner together….

From Jackson: Skipping rocks over the lake while talking about life, go tubing down a river drinking cheap beer, volunteer your time together… Shoot it should never be about the money or lack there-of.

From Mike: Rob a bank.

From Jsckson: Good grief Mike, you don’t mess around.  That would be a hell of a lot more exciting and memorable than skippn a bunch of dang rocks huh. Perhaps this might get you to Vegas too… 

From Amanda: Go fishing… a few cold beers…dinner is what we catch… maybe skinny dip !!  Wait A  Minute Was That A First Date..ooops  Anyway that’s very little money to spend..a.nd a great time..

From Shari: This one is a lil tamer than skinny dipping, but good for connecting. Get an icecream cone and go for a walk. I like Jackson’s first example too.

From Belinda: Ice cream! A poetry venue. 

From Tiffany: Walk causeways out to the ocean when the full moon is rising over the water – when it changes form orange to yellow and gold and pretend there are alligators out there and the moon is dodging them on the horizon ….. and laugh about it a lot —- true story, great times, great date!

 From Scott: Picnics at the park

From Boris: Roasted weenies and smores over a homemade fire, followed by star and/or moon gazing, at least with binoculars, if no telescope is around.  And you can lay down on a quilt with binoculars, and stay warm (if the fire’s not enough)…  And you can do this in your back yard with a hibachi or grill.  With or without a tent.

Ice cream seems to win… so go take her or him for an ice cream… it could be a very sensual experience!!

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  1. Jenni

    Riverwalk is so nice now!
    Fireworks in the summer
    Drive in : )
    Play cards
    Go to the casino to win money for the date (whoever wins pays)

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