Success Story #18: Amanda and Eddie

This week’s successful story is on Amanda, another old high school friend of Gigi’s (yes, I now, how many of these does she have on face book? Answer; several hundreds, and some whom she never even knew back then, but they had friends or teachers in common, and just the shared experience of growing up in Mallorca, Spain!!).

Amanda shared her story about her life with Eddie. With all the heart break that Gigi has experienced and seen, it is always wonderful to hear that there really ARE some happy couples out there, who have been together for a very long time.

Well, we love to spend time together… with us everyone knows us as Eddie and Amanda not Eddie or Amanda… lol. I really think we would rather do things ALONE just the two of us. We are best friends…really. Eloy is 8 years younger than I am, so maybe that helps our relationship… I’d not change a thing…

Well, we met @ a BBQ of a mutual friend. He talked to me for a while… and then everyday after that we’ve been together. I actually think it was serious since the first day we met. He still makes my heart beat fast.

After being together since November 1999, I asked him to marry meee… lol and he said YES. We got married Apirl 3, 2006. We wanted to be married before our first grandchild was born. We’ve had 11 years together. We tell each other goodnight with a kiss and wake up up with a morning kiss. We stay happy and sane cause… we are stoners….

I proposed to him. I think talking to each other is the secret to a healty marriage. My husband is a little unsocial, and I’m not. I get along with everyone and I try to get old friends and family back together again. I am a people person… as for sex: no complaints here. My husband says it’s all good…I still show him new things, keeping things exciting…lol

Amanda’s story is perfect for this week since one of my blog questions was about whether an age difference was an important factor in dating. Obviously in Amanda and Eddie’s case, their age difference did not matter. That also gives Gigi hope… younger men out there? I;m waiting…

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