Gigi stories are coming back…

I decided last week to start writing my Gigi stories again. I had stopped in December when I reached 30 chapters because the editor of Troubadour 21 asked me to stop posting them on T21. Instead he created this blog for me and Helen. I was intending on writing Gigi stories and putting them here, but first I wanted to post chapters 1-30. Then I found that my time was taken up by writing all the short little blogs here.

I also found that all my bad luck in dating had taken a little more out of me than I thought, and had taken away the urge to write stories on these men flitting in and out of my life. Until about six weeks ago, when I was talking on facebook with a very dear friend of mine, and we shared something special. He wrote something just for me, that I will treasure forever, and I wrote him a Gigi story. He gave me Gigi back. I had not written a Gigi story since December, but now I feel the ideas coming out again. I am going camping with my sons this weekend, and I’m taking my laptop.

I asked the editor of Troubadour if I could start posting my Gigi stories up again on T21, and he approved the idea (I guess the T21 traffic has gone down a little, and he hopes my stories might bring a little more traffic back 🙂

So now Gigi is writing poems and stories again. And still has crappy luck in dating… at least I have not lost my sense of humor, and am still not toally cynical and bitter!!

So you can expect chapter 31 on T21 next week 🙂

For those of who you don’t know what T21 is, it is a website for poets, writers, photographers, and painters to send their creations. Check it out at Troubadour 21

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