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The photo above is of Karie and her nephew Sammy

Death is never easy. It is something that many of us ignore and push to the very back of our minds. Likewise, when someone is ill, people sometimes avoid them, or the very thought of that illness, scared of being affected in any way by it. I know that I am guilty of that.

I’ve had my two best friends from high school die, one after the other, just a few years apart, and then my father and my boy friend’s brother. It’s taken me years to get over these deaths, if I even have. Having my best friend’s little nephew die a few years ago, was yet another horrible experience. I was there for her when it happened, but afterwards, I tried to forget it ever happened.

Not Karie. Not my beautiful dimpled, nurse uniformed, salsa dancing, shark swimming Karie. Not for one minute did she forget what happened. She went through that horrible tragedy with her family, and once dear sweet Sammy was gone, she put all her energies into raising money for the Make a Wish Foundation, so she and her family could make childrens’ dreams come true: raising money for children they didn’t even know, children who could possibly suffer the same fate as Sammy. They try and bring happiness to the life of children, one child at a time, raising over $9,000 this year so far (more than double last year).

Karie and her family have many fundraisers throughout the year, in the name of Sammy (Team Sammy), who is in their hearts always. He can be found in Karie’s home, displayed proudly in photos, in her car, in all the special mementos that remind her of him.

I’ve been sadly lacking in my support for her for this wonderful cause, and in this year of my rebirth in many ways of living my life, I am going to bring about one more change. To help others. To be there for my friends in the causes that truly matter to them. Please forgive me Karie for having taken this long to do this. I am here for you now, in what truly matters to you.

I know that many of you reading this won’t know me. Or Karie. Or Sammy. I never even knew Sammy in person, but he was real to me through Karie. I am sure that we all know someone who has succumbed to a horrible illness. Please, if this touches you in the least, contribute to Team Sammy, and give as much as you can afford to give. Help bring happiness to the life of an innocent child who is suffering a terrible illness through no fault of their own.

Sammy will appreciate it. As will his family, and the child whom you are helping.

Please click on the link below to contribute.

Team Sammy

The Make a Wish Foundation website above was created by Rick Jones, Sammy’s grandfather, who is in the photo below with Sammy.

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  1. Helen Obispo

    Let’s do a Gigi and Helen breast cancer/team sammy walk this year, too!

  2. Gigi Flores

    How about a dance-athon instead?

  3. Sassy Stephanie

    That’s amazing Paquita! I’m soooo very proud of you!!!

  4. Tawny

    There are no words to decrbsie how bodacious this is.

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