Favorite Romantic Vacation Spot #14: Sausalito

This week’s romantic vacation spot comes to us from Tiffany, an old high school friend of Gigi’s from Mallorca, Spain. Tiffany is a fellow writer, missing the same things from “back home in Spain” like Gigi. They have found and lost each other throughout the years, but now thanks to facebook, are back together again.

Tiffany has sent Gigi postcards, books of poetry, favorite Spanish desserts (and tips on where to get them – websites from where to order turron at Christmas, and ensaimadas at Starbucks?? Thank you Tiffany!!). They were fellow classamtes, competing for grades and compliments from their English teachers, the famous Mr. and Mrs. Long.

Tiffany has also been a great help lately for Gigi in regards to this blog. I wonder what their old English teachers would have thought of Gigi’s writing skills being put to this use. Somehow she can see Mr. Long smiling fondly, and Mrs. Long taking out her red pen to correct mistakes!!

Tiffany’s choice for a romantic vacation spot is Sausalito, California. Gigi went to California when she was a teenager, but only saw Los Angeles. Sausalito seems much nicer, and actually reminds Gigi of Mallorca!! Was that why Tiffany chose it?

Gigi googled Sausalito, and here is the info she found:

Across the Golden Gate Bridge, just minutes from San Francisco, lies the picturesque waterfront community of Sausalito, world renowned for its Mediterranean flair and breathtaking views. In addition to a wide selection of first-class restaurants with foods from around the world, Sausalito offers its signature hospitality at waterfront inns, main street hotels and a new five-star resort. The city is also a world-class venue for every sort of outdoor and nautical activity – whether it’s biking, hiking, or boating – Sausalito offers easy bay access and the most scenic backdrops imaginable.

With easy access to San Francisco and the dramatic north coast, as well as the wine country, Sausalito truly is the gateway to some of the most beautiful and sought after destinations in the world. After all — it’s the reason they built the bridge!

Yup, there you go. Sausalito has a Mediterranean feel to it!! Thanks Tiffany for your suggestion!!

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