Helen: Week of April 5th

Helen’s hiatus from dating

Thank God for Spring Break. While Gigi is balancing her life with many dates (I honestly don’t know how the woman does it) Helen is on hiatus. Truthfully, I have found myself in kind of a rut. I am actually very happy with being single right now..and am not sure that I am yet ready to meet the man of my dreams. Of course, I am sure if he did pop into my life, my song that I sang would be different.

I have found with my profession, it is very hard to meet men. Again, unless it involves a parent teacher conference, crayons, or a sick child, any conversation with a man just isn’t happening.

So, for “research purposes” I have joined two dating websites. Plentyoffish and also Match.com. There have been many interesting subjects thus far. I get a lot of “Hey baby”‘s from the plentyoffish website and those who are trolling just for sex. However, with Match, I have found a higher quality of men…and those that seem they are looking for a relationship. As my eldest brother said, “Helen, you get what you pay for” and perhaps this is one of those instances. I will keep you posted on how it is all going.

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