Toys for the Lonely #4: Upgrade your toy!!

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  • March 31, 2010 at 10:00 pm

Upgrade your toy!! Today!! Yes, you read that correctly… even sex toys can be upgraded… such is our world these days. We live in a world where you can buy a product or service and then you can upgrade it, for just a little bit more. Sassy is now receiving a weekly newsletter from, and she saw quite a few products she was interested in trying out. One was out of stock (hmmm… must be a very good one), so the other thing that caught her eye was a vibrator upgrade kit… I kid you not!! A kit to upgrade your vibrator!! What will they think of next?

Check them out at:

Of course, Sassy was immediately curious and was soon ordering one… and oh happy day when the postman left another package at her house. Her sons are beginning to wonder what all these packages are that she is ordering, and are asking if it’s anything fun that they can open… hmmm fun? yes. Can they open it? NO!!!

This vibrator kit is something else. It has three separate parts, all made of purple flexible rubber, so that they fit over almost any size vibrator. You can use all the parts together or separately. The first part is just a rubbery ring with bumpy ridges, to give more texture to your vibrator’s tip.

The second part is another small ring that has a small silver bullet attached to it (and it came with batteries… thank you very much,!!), so that you can make any normal vibrator into one with clitoral stimulation. The little bullet has a little button at the end to turn it on and off.

And the last part is the best one: it is a doo-hickey (don’t you just love that word?) that you attach to the end of your vibrator, and this doo-hickey has a suction cup. Yes a fricking suction cup!!! The photos on the box show that you can then attach the vibrator to:

  • your bedroom door
  • the tiled wall of your shower
  • the seat of your toilet (when it’s down of course)
  • a tiled floor
  • a tiled kitchen wall
  • a flat hard chair
  • onto a hard covered book (Don’t laugh… it works!!)
  • basically if it’s flat and can attach itself to a suction cup, then you can now ride your toy as if you were Annie Oakley!! Yee haw!!
  • Not sure if Sassy is up to trying all of these places, but she will give it her best shot. All purely in the name of research of course…

    (Note, that the metal vibrator in this photo does not come with the box)

    First Sassy put on cowboy boots and learned how to line dance last weekend, and now she’ll be able to ride her vibrator (and that’s what the box says… ride your vibrator!!). Whoever invented sex toy stores and websites deserves a medal. Especially when you don’t have a man of your own to ride (Save a horse, ride a cowboy? Yes, that is actually a song, for all you non country fans out there, and Gigi heard the song just the other night at the cowboy bar!! There was also a mechanical bull to ride, which could be fun, except for the falling off part… especially when falling off in front of the whole bar!!).

    It’s been a lonely time, man-wise lately, so Sassy tried out all these upgrading toys… and loved them all!! the two rings fit very nicely over the first virbator I ever bought…a long silver metalllic one that I stoppes using long ago, because it just didn’t do the trick anymore. Well, now thanks to the rings… it does!! But my absolute favorite is the suction cup. I put it on the end of a vibrator, stuck it on top of a hard covered book, placed it on the floor, and yee haw!! It really does work…

    So buy one today!! Sassy gives this toy a 4 star rating!! Especially since it can only enhance the toys you already have!! Click below to buy one now!!

    Vibrator kit

    Click on the banner below to go to the website:

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