Gigi: Week of March 29th

They come… and they go…in our little black books

Dating is exhausting… especially the way Gigi does it, talking to several at a time (but you just have to!! Especially at the rate that they disappear!!). You then have to keep track of their name, where they live, what they do for a living, their kids, what they are looking for… Good God!! Good thing Gigi has a good memory.

Some leave without saying a word, and you never find out what happened. Some you wish would leave, and they never do. Some stalk you. Some ignore you. There is just no happy medium. Most of the men met laqtely have gone without a word. Good riddance to them.

Easter Sunday update

So this week Gigi met two new guys and had a second date with another. And there were no scary moments!! She had coffee on Thursday with Eric, and they’ve been texting ever since. No second date set yet, but it’s looking good. Then she had drinks that nbight with John. He’s not much of a texter, but says he wants another date. Her favorite of the week…that SAME night (yes, she was exhausted on Friday), was with Darrell, with whom she had a very successful date at the drive-in two weeks ago. His grandmother has been sick since, and so they were unable to meet.

Darrell came to Gigi’s house, and it was a very sweet and wonderful night. That’s all the details she is giving (it will be a chapter one day). But he didn’t kiss and run off… instead he spent the whole night. And he is still texting Gigi… Keep your fingers crossed. Gigin likes this one.

I’m off to cook for the only males who are constant in my life… my sons. Then I’ll be back with more updates on my dating status… and just wait till you read Helen’s!!!

So this week? Let’s see:

No word from Miles of the Sunday night date. No word from Pedro of the Thursday/Friday date. No word for almost a week now from Colombian guy.

Texts and calls from new guys… should I even bother writing about them until we’ve met? I don’t think so.

Drive in guy is still texting… or was until today. At this point Gigi doesn’t know if it is because his grandmother took a turn for the worse, or because he has joined the crowds running away. Just yesterday he said he missed her and wanted to see her tonight or tomorrow. Today is the first day since their date two weeks ago that he has not communicated with her. Gigi is not going to chase him with texts. Yes, Gigi has finally learned not to do that… unlike some of the men chasing Gigi and Helen.

People: send one text and then wait to hear back from them!!

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  1. Helen Obispo

    Again, I don’t know how you do it, Gigi. I can barely date one guy, let alone have a different date every night of the week! You deserve an award for your dedication. I think Helen will remain single for about 15 more years until Gideon is 18….lol.

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