Most Romantic Date Ever #2: Gabriela and Miguel Part II

Last week we posted a new blog on the most romantic date ever. It was suggested by Gabriela, so of course, her story went up first. Her romantic date continues today, and it will be a kind of series on the romance she experienced with Miguel, right up to the day it all ended between them. If you haven’t yet, read last week’s part one of this story before you read this one…

Strangely enough, as these things are wont to happen, both Gabriela and Miguel read this blog. We have not told him that she is writing about him, but are waiting to see if he recognizes the story, and lets us know. If he does, we hope he will realize that Gabriela is sharing very personal memories here, of a very special time in her life, and hope that he will not be angered or offended at our sharing his story. it is helping Gabriela to write it all out, even now, so many years after it all happened.

I remember walking out of the lounge at the hotel and we walked to my car to get my bags, and it felt as if I had known him for years. There was not one uncomfortable moment during the entire weekend.

So we go upstairs and walk into this gorgeous suite and I put my bags down and we went and sat on the sofa… He had a bottle of wine there and he opened it and we began talking about our lives…

We laughed for hours and went through photographs that we had both brought to relive memories of the past… We shared so much about our love of one certain place. The place where we first knew each other as children.
I remember being so sleepy and him poking fun at me. I was like a child at Christmas… excited and not wanting to go to sleep.

He held me in his arms all night long… It was like being held by the only person in the world that could protect you… it was so comforting and so perfect…

The next morning we went out to breakfast, to this beautiful restaurant that towered over the city and you could see for miles on end. It was a perfectly clear sky… and there we were, sipping Mimosas and nibbling on fruit,

We decided to go to a local arts festival for the day. We walked hand in hand and looked at all the beautiful hand crafted items and tasted the never ending supply of little food kiosks … always feeding each other what the other had ordered. We sat by the fountain making fun of each other’s silly ways.

Well, now it was time to go back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. He had asked me to bring a nice cocktail dressand now I know why… there we were, me all dressed in a black dress with pearls and heels , and here he comes out dressed in a very handsome grey suit.

The evening begins where the morning began… in the same restaurant overlooking the entire city…with the night lights shining and the busy streets below us, it felt as if we were separated from the entire world…a very quiet elegant candlelight dinner. I wanted it to never end.. I could have sat there forever…..

As we leave the restaurant we walk down into this historic part of town and he hails a horse drawn carriage to lead us through the brick stone streets and past the old churches..

It began to chill a little outside so he held me close and we were covered by a small throw. I have been to this town hundreds of times in my life, but I had never viewed it the way I did that night. We passed by a local band playing on the street corner and listened to the sound of the horses hooves on the brick road. It was my Cinderella moment..

After the carriage ride we go to a Blues Bar ( The Blue Mule ).. outstanding music and drinks and we sit for hours learning even more about each other…Nothing he said was absorbed without excitement. It was like a tall glass of water on a hot summer day, we could not get enough of each other…

Then as the evening begins to end, back to the hotel we go…hand in hand, and ever so quiet….

Once again in the hotel room , with another bottle of wine, and once again on the sofa, absorbing every bit of each……

And that was the second day… of the first date….

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