How it all began…

This whole blog began when Gigi and I met at work one day. We decided to have lunch together and began a conversation about the horrors of our online dating experiences. At first, we had one or two really good stories to tell each other. However, as the months progressed, we soon realized, we had enough material to write a book. Please enjoy our stories: you can find our first few chapters in the ‘Our Stories’ tab above (or more stories in the tabs that are on the right side of the page Helen’s Horror’s of Dating and The Adventures of a Thoroughly Confused Gigi). They will make you laugh, cry and hopefully realize that no one is truly alone in this crazy world of dating. We just need to share our stories with each other more!

Also, we would like to hear your stories and ideas! (You can remain anonymous if you wish.) We hope that this finds you all happy, healthy and laughing your way through life, as we have learned to do.

Helen and Gigi 🙂

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