Top “Ten” #5: Most embarrassing moments

Have you ever been on a date, and had the most embarrassing thing ever happen to you, so that you wanted to crawl into your nonexisting shell and hide forever? These moments can be truly horrendous at the time, and are only funny later on, when you are sharing the moment with a friend.

We asked our readers to give us their most embarrassing moments ever, and here is what they shared:

From Gigi: She cannot think of an embarrassing moment on a date, but she’s had a few very embarrassing text mess-ups (that darned I-phone). The worst was with Le’Ro (see Chapter 1 for the full story). She was texting Le’Ro and a girl friend at the same time, telling him to drive home carefully in the snow, and telling her girl friend Lizzie, all about the date with Le’Ro, and her other dates that week, and the dates to come. And yes, she sent THIS text to Le’Ro!! She tried to save it by telling him it had been a joke text for her girl friend, but he didn’t buy it, and they didn’t speak to each other for months. Thankfully, he forgave her, and they remained friends (both in and out of the bedroom), but never again dated seriously. Now Gigi tells him that if they are both still single when her sons are both in college, then she is going to move in with him, and they can be best friends, partners, and room mates. So far Le’Ro is in agreement!!
Another time, Gigi got a text from an unknown number, and found out it was from John, the Gentle Giant, (see Chapter 23). She was ranting and raving at him (just a little), when she was told that it was not THAT John, but a different one!! He’d been playing along at first, asking Gigi to forgive him, before he made it clear that it was a new guy she’d just met online!!

From Le’Ro: I took a date to my favorite restaurant, and ran right into the woman I had taken there two days before.
Another of my dates found an open (empty) condom wrapper in the wastre basket by my bed. Not pretty.

From Tim: I realized that I did not have enough money to pay for dinner. (I guess here he really had to ask her to go Dutch).

From Kelly: When I forgot the name of the guy I spent the night with, and was about to spend the whole day with him. Thankfully Gigi was with me (and Gigi knew his name, address, driver’s license… long story: read chapter 19).
One date I had kept swearing and talking about sex. It was very uncomfortable for me.
Once I was out on a date with a surgeon. We met for dinner, and he was waiting at the bar, drinking a glass of wine. I walked up and said hello. He had just taken a sip, and and he looked up at me, and a huge drop of wine was hanging from his nose! (I thought it was something else at first!!). LOL… he didn’t realize it for a while… FUNNY!

From Camille: I had a college boyfriend whom I met in the summer, come to visit me at my house, while my current college boy friend was with me.

From Tiffany: Oh good god I could fill up your entire blog. I’m not kidding.

From Angelo: He was on a date, and the girl went to the bathroom, and when she came back she had a toilet seat cover stuck to the back of her skirt. She had walked through the entire restaurant like that!

From Sly: I went out on three dates with a gorgeous blonde woman… only to find out she was a he!! (That’s worse than putting up a skinny photo and showing up overweight!!).

From Brie:
I went on a match date and the guy’s picture wasn’t very clear on line, but he looked cute. I got to the bar at his resort a little early and ordered a drink at the bar. I finished and ordered another drink… He was 10 minutes late already. I then saw him walking towards me and he sat down on the stool next to me. We started talking and I was halfway through my 3rd drink, but still coherent enough to realize something was wrong. He was tall, dark, handsome, but he did give me a different name (I thought maybe he uses his middle name like I do though. But then the rest of his story was way off and I quickly realized this wasn’t my match date… this was a guy randomly picking me up at a resort bar. I filled him in and we both realized my date was over 45 minutes late and probably not coming.
We chatted for several more hours and had several more drinks. We were both a little tipsy when we decided to call it a night. We both stood and I was expecting a hug or a kiss when he opened his mouth and asked me “How much for you to spend the night with me?” I was horrified… he thought I was lying about my match date and that I was some escort who liked to hang out at 5 star resorts. Needless to say… there wasn’t a 2nd date 😉

From Shaq: I went on a first date and we were walking back to my car, when I suddenly had a serious intestinal issue arise. I had to go in the bushes next to the parking lot, with the girl right there. (They are now married).

From Allie: A friend of mine went out on a first date with a guy. They had a meal at a Mexican restaurant, and then went off to spend the day skiing. On the way to the sky hill, she suddenly had to go to the bathroom desperately. She had to ask the guy to pull the truck over, so she could go to the bathroom on the side of the road. Now she was wearing full ski clothing, and so she pulled it down, to be albe to safely squat. However, she decided to rest her bottom against the back bumper of the truck… and her bottom froze to it, and she was stuck!! Totally stuck with her naked butt frozen to her date’s truck bumper. To get her out he had to… pee against her butt, and she had done something a little smellier and messier than pee, at her feet. Funnily enough they are now happily married, and have been for years!! (OMG, first the guy goes to the bathroom and then the girl does, and both embarrassing moments end up in a happy marriage?!!).

There you have it. Sometimes embarrassing moments bring couples together!!

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