Nightmare Date #5: Harriet’s hairy experience

Harriet is another new facebook friend of Gigi’s. They both went to school in Mallorca, Spain, but didn’t know each other then. Harriet has been sending great blog comments, and when asked had this nightmare date to share. She has been single for nine years, and has many stories to share. Gigi feels less lonely when she finds out that she is not the only one having trouble finding a partner!

I once had to have a waiter sneak me out through the kitchen, and then I had to crab walk under the front window to my car to escape a crazy eyed date…

My crazy date took place about 7 years ago while I was still a fresh faced, ignorant divorce who thought I had to date every cute guy that asked me out. I had been in a monogamous relationship for nearly 15 years so my dating experience was quite stunted and hovered around 24 years old which was when I got married. Unfortunately for me, I still thought I was 24, so I tended to gravitate towards the younger crowd.

My girlfriend and partner in crime and I were at our third or fourth downtown club of the evening, dancing like we were 21 again and this really adorable guy starts moving in. We talked a bit, but obviously not enough. Then as the night came to an end, he asked me for my number which, silly me, I gave it to him. The 4am call that night should have been the tip off that
something just wasn’t quite right….

I agreed to meet him the following night at a little cafe for cocktails and dinner. And so the fun begins.

Like a dumb ass, I parked right in front of the cafe, so my car was in full view out the front window and he saw me pull up. As soon as I sat down, I had a bad feeling and almost left right then. But, he ordered a drink and began to talk… and talk… and talk. I thought my ears were going to burn up and fall off. All this, coming from a boy of…23. I was 37.

Apparently the week before our chance encounter at the club, Maxim Magazine had run their annual “things to do before I die” issue and every year the same item is # 1. Sleep with an older woman. So, now I realized I was on his to do list. That in itself wouldn’t have been too bad, but he was just weird! Really cute, but had this wild crazy look in his eyes that totally creeped me out.

So, I finished my drink, and couldn’t get out of ordering dinner, but before dinner arrived, I went to the bathroom and enlisted my waiter’s help organizing an exit strategy. He agreed to sneak me out through the kitchen which was great till I got out front. I saw my car sitting right in front of the window behind which was our table and my date was looking out the window. So, I had to crouch down and duck walk under the window, and then go behind my car. I jumped in and then took off. Within 5 minutes, my phone started ringing and continued to ring most of the night.

After this you would think I would have learned my lesson about dating younger men…but no. I still like them when they smell like puppies…

LOL…it could have been much worse Harriet!! Gigi does like younger men too… or did a few years ago. She has given up on them, since she wants more than just stamina these days!! She wants someone to have an actual conversation with.

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