Favorite Romantic Vacation Spot #5: Shark Diving!!

She’s sweet. She’s cute. She has dimples. She wears a nurse’s uniform. She dives and swims with sharks!! (That is Kelly in the picture above with a Caribbean reef shark!!). Kelly is NOT your typical girl. She may swim with sharks, but she likes to say that they are less dangerous than the sharks on land. Yes, Kelly has about as much luck in dating as Gigi and Helen. Are men just plain crazy? Here’s a great girl, just waiting to be found. Any takers?

Kelly is single, and she has the luck to be able to go on these amazing shark diving trips on her own, meeting up with other shark diving friends she’s made over the years, but never yet with someone special. Now that would be her ideal romantic trip. Diving with sharks might not be your typical romantic experience, and definitely NOT Gigi’s cup of tea, but hey, it would be exciting!! She’d rather sunbathe on the boat, and frolic in the sand and sea with a land shark, than go swimming near anything with big sharp nasty teeth. Gigi would pick the land sharks over water sharks, any day for sure.

Kelly wanted to be a marine biologist when she was a teenager, but then she realized she would have to live in Florida. So when she was in high school, she asked her parents to take her to Florida to check out the colleges. This is one of Gigi’s favorite Kelly stories. So here is Kelly on a Florida college campus, and her father asks her to get out of the car, and look at the big information map board to see where they had to go. Kelly got out of the car, stood by the board for a few minutes, got back in the car, and told her parents that they could go back home to Michigan now. Why, you may ask? It was summer, it was sultry, steamy hot, and Kelly decided then and there that Florida was NOT for her. Lol!!

In 2000 she went on her first shark diving experience near Costa Rica with her dad. For the next four years she went on more shark diving trips (one each year) with her parents, and then went on her own after that. Kelly saves up her money for these trips, leaves for a week of fun and excitement, and comes back ready to deal with the land sharks.

If you are the adventurous type, and have money to burn, then here is a very unusual trip for you. There are two kinds of shark diving experiences. One, where you stay land bound, and just go out on day trips. But Kelly swears by the living on a boat diving trip. You spend a week on the boat. and all you do is “Eat, sleep, and dive.” Hmmm… Gigi would rather “Eat, sleep, and…” The boat will hold 10-20 people, all with this fascination for sharks, and it can be a lot of fun, so much so that this group of people meet on a boat one day, and then plan future trips together.

The boat trip alone runs $4,000, which includes your sleeping and food arrangements, and equipment rental (unless you have your own). It does not include the flight though. If you are serious about sharks though, you really need to stay on the boat, for the best scuba diving experience. Now of course, all of this requires you to be a certified scuba diver. Or certifiably crazy, in Gigi and Susan’s opinion. That does it. It’s out for Gigi. She got claustrophobic and panicky with just a mask and snorkel in the Key West!! You can get certified at any dive store near you. It runs around ??? and they train you in local swimming pools, shark free, of course.

So once you are certified and have saved the money needed, where do you go? Here are Shark Girl’s suggestions.

  • Great White sharks: Guadalupe, Mexico
  • You stay in a cage and they swim around you, as you try not to think of Jaws movies, in which they rip the cage to bits.

  • Tiger and lemon sharks: Bahamas
  • They get really close to you and bump you. (Bump me? Are you kidding?).

  • Schools of Hammer Heads: The Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador and the Cocos island (La isla del Coco) off the shore of Costa Rica

  • Schools of sharks!! (What? One shark isn’t enough? We have to group them now?).

  • Bull sharks: Fiji
  • The dive master hand feeds them, and you get to watch. (Now Gigi and Helen have a few ex’s they wouldn’t mind hand feeding to those sharks!!)

  • Whale sharks: Cocos Islands, Galapagos, Belize, Maldives

Kelly sent us photos from her trip. She loves to show these to her friends. Gigi and Susan cringe when they see how close those sharks get to their best friend Kelly, whom they know better in heels and salsa dancing. But Gigi’s sons think Kelly is the best and want to go shark diving with her as soon as they are old enough. I’m sure that somewhere out there is a man who’d be perfect for Kelly. Maybe she will have to move to Florida after all!!

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    Favorite Romantic Vacation Spot #5: Shark Diving!! : Adventures in Dating…

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